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    July 29, 2015 by SuperGirlyGamer8

    Welcome to SuperGirlyGamer8's lair! It has fun stuff! Defeat the evil presences! The fish out of water! Cthulhu's brother! And more!

    Lemme teach you how to defeat the evil presence in minutes! You will need this! And this! Just stab it and barely move; you don't need any potions, buffs or self healing! Or even mana! It's awesome! And easy!

    You defeat a mastermind! You have a dark lance! It's truely awesome!

    You defeat Cthulhu's brother in 39 seconds on Expert Mode! With the Last Prism!

    And more! This is free to edit!

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  • SuperGirlyGamer8

    You must have the Dark Lance, unless you don't have it.

    It's a good tactic for first fights, like me (but i played on my bro's phone).

    It was my first boss, i just defeated it in minutes tonight.

    I loved fighting it, so maybe i could defeat Skeletron (my bro defeated it).

    I did this with no buffs, potions or self healing (i've seen someone do this with the Pumpkin Moon).

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    Ocram might really be Cthulhu. It would be epic if they made Cthulhu a boss. Unfortunately, Ocram is THE end boss for console and mobile. It would be really cool if he was on PC. You can fight Ocram for the price of 1 Mechanical Skull, 2 Mechanical Eyes, 10 Adamantite Bars, 5 Souls of Night and 5 Souls of Light.

    Lepus might really be the easter bunny, despite they are dropped from Diseaster Bunnies. It might also be a huge pink Corrupt Bunny, despite it's dropped from that as well. Unfortunately, Lepus is only available in the mobile version. The Suspicious Looking Egg cannot be crafted, however, once you defeat Lepus, you can summon it infinitely.

    The Old Man and Clothier might really be Skeletron. Since fighting it is really cheap, the Clo…

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