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  • Supermrman911

    Day One

    My vision was suddenly restored as I stared into the noon-day sun. I rubbed my eyes, wondering where I was. All around me stretched a vast land, populated by rabbits, and birds, and trees (oh my!). A friendly voice startles me as I try to take it all in.

    He says, "Hello, my name is Jeffery, and I am here to help you! You should seriously consider building a house, as monsters come out at night. Look in the pack on your back in order to find tools." I quickly do so, and find a rather sharp copper pickaxe, and a heavy axe, of the same material. I started swinging at a nearby tree. It fell in several hits, and strangely burst into a shower of wood. I progressed to the next tree, and soon, there was a nice, relatively flat land …

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  • Supermrman911

    My fanfiction

    January 7, 2012 by Supermrman911

    I am planning on writing a terraria fanfiction. So, if you guys could give me pointers on where to show this fanfiction, I would gladly appreciate it. My objective is to spread the word about terraria.

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  • Supermrman911

    1.1 Trailer

    November 27, 2011 by Supermrman911

    Just watched the version 1.1 trailer. One word: WOAH. First question: when is it going to be released? Second question: Can we play it now? Pleeeeeease? It looks so AWESOME!!!!!!!! Please don't make us wait a long time. Me thinks that it's in it's beta stage. Hopefully it will be released soon!

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  • Supermrman911

    -A new item should be the vaccuum cleaner, it cleans blocks up off the ground, and you can right-click it when it is in your inventory, and shift-click all the stuff you don't want, either selling it to a vendor, or trashing it.

    -Also: I like the display case idea. They should make it so that you can lock it, and only the player who placed it can unlock it. What else would be cool would be a sword rack.

    -I like the Satan idea for a boss for Hellworld. And to add on to that, they should make it so that Underworld enemies don't spawn or have a reduced spawn during the battle.

    -Also, please bump up the power of the Staff of Regrowth.

    -What about a set of healing items that you can buy from the nurse. You could also buy a band of regeneration…

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  • Supermrman911

    My suggestions for Terraria are:

    -When there are more than one enemy, say how many of a multiple enemy there is, and tell what enemies there are

    -I also think that SlyFox's suggestion of a new boss, the Hydra is a good idea for the Ocean Biome.

    -There should also be more monsters for the floating islands, like guardians, or in my mind: Griffins.

    -There should also be and egyptian theme in the desert. the underground pyramids. There would be great rewards in it. You would have to dig down in the sand to find a pyramid, and they would have awesome rewards. One vanity item being the Pharoah's Burial Mask, or the a mummy popping out of a coffin occasionally.

    -In the Ocean Biome, the Ruins, guarded by the Megalodon, the giant prehistoric shark.


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