Day One

My vision was suddenly restored as I stared into the noon-day sun. I rubbed my eyes, wondering where I was. All around me stretched a vast land, populated by rabbits, and birds, and trees (oh my!). A friendly voice startles me as I try to take it all in.

He says, "Hello, my name is Jeffery, and I am here to help you! You should seriously consider building a house, as monsters come out at night. Look in the pack on your back in order to find tools." I quickly do so, and find a rather sharp copper pickaxe, and a heavy axe, of the same material. I started swinging at a nearby tree. It fell in several hits, and strangely burst into a shower of wood. I progressed to the next tree, and soon, there was a nice, relatively flat land that seemed nice for building a house on. I quickly built up the walls, keeping an eye on the sun's level in the sky. Once or twice a gelatinous creature bounced into my workspace. Jeffery pointed to my backpack, and said there was further equipment in my pack. A copper shortsword cleamed back at me, reflecting the light of the sun. I grabbed it, and dealt with the hassle, while Jeffery cowered in the corner. I finished the roof just as the sun went down. The room was suddenly cast into darkness. Jeffery quickly advised my to smear some of the remains of my oppressors on some sticks, and strike it on the ground. The room was suddenly filled with torchlight. I hit them into place on the walls, so I wouldn't have to carry it throughout the house. I heard a knocking at the door, and, throwing caution to the wind in hopes of a visitor (maybe the neighbors came by with a house-warming gift!). I stared into the face of a grotesque, decomposing zombie. It reached for my throat, and I quickly dodged out of the way, stabbing furiously. Soon, it was dead, and I threw it's shambles of a body off my property, my lesson learned. Jeffery and I waited in silence for the break of day, refusing to investigate the strange bangs and knocks, however tempting it may be. End.