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More Suggestions for Terraria 1.0.7 (or 1.1)

-A new item should be the vaccuum cleaner, it cleans blocks up off the ground, and you can right-click it when it is in your inventory, and shift-click all the stuff you don't want, either selling it to a vendor, or trashing it.

-Also: I like the display case idea. They should make it so that you can lock it, and only the player who placed it can unlock it. What else would be cool would be a sword rack.

-I like the Satan idea for a boss for Hellworld. And to add on to that, they should make it so that Underworld enemies don't spawn or have a reduced spawn during the battle.

-Also, please bump up the power of the Staff of Regrowth.

-What about a set of healing items that you can buy from the nurse. You could also buy a band of regeneration from her for, say, 25 gold.

-What about a shuriken gun?

-Turtles in the ocean? Maybe a super-protective mother turtle as an enemy??

-There could be mountains. With mountain lions as enemies, and mountain goats as peaceful NPCs.

-Snowball Shooter!

-Settings on the Staff of regrowth to grow jungle grass, mushroom grass, and corrupted grass.