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    There are many ways to get the arms dealer in Terraria. The ways are the same in both consoles and the PC version. To get the arms dealer a player character must have a gun in their inventory at some point in time in that specific world. To get a gun (If you do not have a way to get one from a friend) you need to go to the corrupted area. In each hole the the corrupted area has you can usually find an orb that when smashed with a hammer will either drop a Musket or a magical item. Keep in mind every 3 orbs you smash summons an eater of worlds.

    The only way to mine the ebonstone in the corrupted area is with any mining tool stronger than the golden pickaxe. (nightmare pickaxe, molten pickaxe, cobalt drill, etc.) If you find the orb is covereā€¦

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