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  • SyanGaming

    Hey! Have you ever had trouble getting an item? You've tried pretty hard, but just cant get it?

    Do you want it for free? (or if it's really rare for a small price)

    Then contact me~

    3 I'll be waiting for your replies.

    (if you need money as well i'll do a 99 gold donation to 18 lucky people)

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  • SyanGaming

    Well first things first, i'm learning how to mod... o;

    Second thing... Getting subscribers is hard...

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  • SyanGaming

    What if?

    July 12, 2012 by SyanGaming

    Little idea that came to my head... What if there were two dungeons on oppisite sides of the world, one on top of corrupption the other a hallow dungeon.

    Now each of these Dungeons have Knights, Hallow Representing the Light side, and Corruption being Dark.

    What if thats how the world of Terraria started? Each side tried to kill the other until both of them faded away, leaving trace amounts of there activity behind. There creatures they had created now ruled the land they had left.

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  • SyanGaming

    Hello Gentlers! :O

    July 12, 2012 by SyanGaming
    Hey everyone! It's SyanGaming here, i'm a little known Youtube'r. O;

    The biggest game i do videos for is Terraria, thanks to HERO for the inspiration.

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