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free builder for hire public serevr or just for your self

Sybodon December 14, 2011 User blog:Sybodon

hire me for free im a master builder and miner im free hire you can have me come in to your server and build all kinds of things even a heaven city or underground city or just a plain old land city but i can make buildings and hellshafts or mining compenys out of any brick you want or have me come in to your un-public server and build some room for npcs and other things no cost and here are the rules

for a public server rules

i must be admin (if has tshock)

only trusted members in the server(i hate griefers)

no one can ask me for items

no one can dual me

and i only take orders from the one who hired me

rules for your own place

you may not dual me

you can order me around as much as you like

and thats all

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