• Tadz99


    February 23, 2012 by Tadz99

    Ok, so i have this idea of WyvernSpike armor. I think it needs some fix on the texture, but I don't know what :D (Texture below all of this). So if you can give me some ideas in the comments :) thx.


    Headset: (Thorns potion effect as long as you wear it) (25 defense)

    3 Spikes (Which you can get from the dungeon)

    1 Wyvern eye (Wyvern drops 1 (10% drop rate)

    30 Wyvern skin (Wyvern drops 5-10)

    Torso: (Provides blue light) (18 defense)

    1 Saphire (If you don't know where to get it you're a HUGE n00b on Terraria. No offence)

    50 Wyvern skin

    Pants: (Speed increased 50%) (12 defense)

    20 Feathers

    35 Wyvern skin

    Set bonus: Allows double more flight than wings and makes the head do the same thing as you wear neptune's shell when in water but with the set you…

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