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Tadz99 February 23, 2012 User blog:Tadz99

Ok, so i have this idea of WyvernSpike armor. I think it needs some fix on the texture, but I don't know what :D (Texture below all of this). So if you can give me some ideas in the comments :) thx.


Headset: (Thorns potion effect as long as you wear it) (25 defense)

3 Spikes (Which you can get from the dungeon)

1 Wyvern eye (Wyvern drops 1 (10% drop rate)

30 Wyvern skin (Wyvern drops 5-10)

Torso: (Provides blue light) (18 defense)

1 Saphire (If you don't know where to get it you're a HUGE n00b on Terraria. No offence)

50 Wyvern skin

Pants: (Speed increased 50%) (12 defense)

20 Feathers

35 Wyvern skin

Set bonus: Allows double more flight than wings and makes the head do the same thing as you wear neptune's shell when in water but with the set you do that while you are in the air (flying).

Texture:WyvernSpikeArmor.Updated Hope you like it :) Oh and by the way this isn't in the game this is just an idea.(Telling this just incase some one wonders)

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