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    On Draining Oceans

    December 17, 2011 by Talvi

    It can be done! It's possibly one of the Dwarfiest things I've ever heard of in Terraria, but it's possible to drain an entire ocean into the underworld. However, it has unusual results. Let me explain.

    My brother and I dug a ten-wide path at the right edge of the map, from the underworld to the bottom of the ocean. After placing a row of active stone blocks, we proceeded to dig away all the sand - and the water was in sight. We built a little room at the bottom, hoping to see all the water flooding past, and then a torch near the top so we could see proof that the water had been released. When all was set up, we got into our observation room and flipped a switch (you have no idea how much wire that took).

    But nothing happened. At least, not…

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  • Talvi

    Terraria Map Generation

    October 24, 2011 by Talvi

    Being a programmer of sorts, the gears and such behind the visible surface of a program has always intrigued/interested me. As a result, I started looking around for anything I could find on how Terraria maps are generated. For example: Does it place the caves first and the ores around them, does it place the ores first and wipe them out with the caves, does it place the chests before or after everything else, how does it place the dirt/stone, what mathematical formulas place the different materials, what determines how many chests there are on a particular map and what is the average count; basically anything and everything.

    I ran a search on Google. "Terraria Map Generation". Only one hit, and not what I was looking for, either. After tha…

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