• TerrariaDude123

    hi im starting a series called new world I would like the new ones and least famous to be in this story because they need a chance too so down in the comments below if you are new and you have an interducttion blog say in comments I may accept ones who are the ones that have quited and are on again but there is a lesser chance.So good luck and the reason I want a interductionn post is so I can get to know you and put it into the story your unige ways. good luck!

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  • TerrariaDude123

    Honey free-build is finished!! server has t shock and the rules:

    No hacks or mods!  Be nice,caring and respectful! Don't beg for admin! other than that there aren't much rules.

    Why should i join this server?

    Well the owner is nice and we have a good community and the owner makes sure we do. We give warnings to people if they are doing something wrong. If they get too much warnings they are banned or kicked . t shock has protection when you log in or if you use cheats or hacks or mods

    We hope you have fun! tell an admin if you are having problems.


    Weeks: 5:00 to 7:00

    Weekends:1:00 to 7:00


    First 3 say this in comments are admin: my character name will be  (character name) and I will join on this character on the server to be admiā€¦

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