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    new ideas terraria, enjoy


    Lava in the cloud

    Reduces the damage from the lava, but slows down in the lava

    craft station: alchemy station

    bucket of lava+ bottle + hellstone(10)

    Eye o' crazy

    Some effects that gives the creature to be denied and processed in damage, 10 or 30

    drop from chaos elemental


    I deleted the demon armor and dark bolt,: D

    Dungeon armor

    22 defense, set knockback bonus 18

    rare drops from angry bones


    Magic book

    Shot some words, depends the color: yellow weak, strong red, rainbow Insane

    kill (very very rare and does not work against bosses), kill instantly knockback cursed, inflict poison push, push you to

    Craft Station: magic altar

    spelltome, soul of might (20), soul of fright (20)


    magical family

    magicians that you …

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    Ideas for Terraria

    March 25, 2012 by TerrariaGamer

    These are my ideas for the terraria

    Cloud in a horsehoe
    cloud in a baloon + obsidian horsehoe

    Make you jump and double jump higher without receiving damage from blocks, fall...

    Craft station: workshop tinkerer

    Assassin Cape
    Drop from assassins (0.10%)

    Make the player look nice and the Assassin come to your village ... And have chances to kill the mob in a shot


    Soul of Night (50) + water bolt + dark shard
    Weak knockback, 70 damage, very very fast, the trough walls, 26 mana per shot, a platinum
    Craft station: demon altar
    Demon armor
    Shadow armor set + necro armor set + soul of night (10) + demonite ore(100)
    100 defense, and the monster of corruption will help you kill others

    And add the WORLD CORRUPTION

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