new ideas terraria, enjoy


Lava in the cloud

Reduces the damage from the lava, but slows down in the lava

craft station: alchemy station

bucket of lava+ bottle + hellstone(10)

Eye o' crazy

Some effects that gives the creature to be denied and processed in damage, 10 or 30

drop from chaos elemental


I deleted the demon armor and dark bolt,: D

Dungeon armor

22 defense, set knockback bonus 18

rare drops from angry bones


Magic book

Shot some words, depends the color: yellow weak, strong red, rainbow Insane

kill (very very rare and does not work against bosses), kill instantly knockback cursed, inflict poison push, push you to

Craft Station: magic altar

spelltome, soul of might (20), soul of fright (20)


magical family

magicians that you see them walking normally and if they caused you attack other mobs and died with the magic of each

drop of soul magic (5 each)

very strong, very crazy, it helps comment

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