• Terrariadude101

    I am making Terraria videos on youtube for anyone who is willing to watch them, I am new to youtube and I want to atleast get a handful of subscribers. Please could anyone check out my channel, I am doing a lets play of Terraria on softcore mode.

    My name on youtube is JaffazPro I am british so yeah here's my link to the channel

    I hope you like the videos and leave a comment below about what I can do to make them better :)

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  • Terrariadude101

    Hi, I have a Youtube account named GangnamGamerZ and I would appreciate it if you watched my Terraria series!


    Terraria Chuck Norris Adventure Episodes 1-3:

    Please watch, like, comment and subscribe!

    Comment below if you've watched my videos

    And if you make Terraria videos I'd like to watch them, I might even subscribe!

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  • Terrariadude101

    Terraria for dummies! - A whole new world,

    1: Create a softcore character and generate a small sized world (Easier to travel)

    2: Chop down all trees in the vacinity, then make a workbench and craft a wooden sword and hammer

    3: Kill slimes until midday, then use all the gel for torches

    4: Keep going in one direction until you find the dungeon (If you find a jungle turn back and head the opposite way)

    4a: If you hit corruption a good idea is to build a bridge over it so the eaters cannot get to you

    5: Check the dungeon for a water bolt spellbook (Don't go too deep, you may awaken something in the darkness!)

    5a: If you don't find a water bolt spell keep going until you find the ocean, then go under the water and search for a trident in a golden chest (Wat…

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