Terraria for dummies! - A whole new world,

1: Create a softcore character and generate a small sized world (Easier to travel)

2: Chop down all trees in the vacinity, then make a workbench and craft a wooden sword and hammer

3: Kill slimes until midday, then use all the gel for torches

4: Keep going in one direction until you find the dungeon (If you find a jungle turn back and head the opposite way)

4a: If you hit corruption a good idea is to build a bridge over it so the eaters cannot get to you

5: Check the dungeon for a water bolt spellbook (Don't go too deep, you may awaken something in the darkness!)

5a: If you don't find a water bolt spell keep going until you find the ocean, then go under the water and search for a trident in a golden chest (Watch out for sharks and don't drown!)

5b: If you still don't have a trident or water bolt, tough luck!

6: Find a cave and mine lots of iron and other ores

7: Make shelter inside the dungeon for the night

8: Furnish it so the guide can come (Put a chair, table, furnace and workbench inside)

9: Make a furnace and smelt the iron and copper

10: Make an anvil

11: Craft an iron hammer and axe

11a: If you haven't got a trident or water bolt make an iron broadsword too

12: Locate gold and make a golden pickaxe

13: Look around for more caves and get some iron and silver ore

14: Make iron/silver armour

15: Go the opposite way from the dungeon until you find the jungle

16: Kill some pirahnas and get a hook

17: Make a grappling hook and head underground

18: Get some vines and jungle spores, then make a ivy whip

19: Get some gems and make the jungle armour set

20: Get the Blade of Grass then you are ready to fight Skeleton!

20a: Get a gravitation, ironskin, shine and thorns potion (Mages can get magic power potion and archers can get archery potions and atleast a silver bow)

20b: This needs to be atleast 40 blocks wide and altleast 6 layers tall, surround it with wood so water bolts can bounce (It is not required but it helps)

20c: Have atleast 200+ Health

21: Now venture the dungeon and smash pots and loot chests

21a: If you are an archer you can make the necro set from the bones of the dungeon skeletons

22: Go underground and find some bombs, then make a hotel for the NPCs

23: Buy some dynamite from the Demo. and go to the corruption to smash some shadow-orbs

24: Smash the 3rd shadow orb to fight the EoW

24a: Hunter potions will help alot and so will weapons such as the vilethorn if you found one in a shadow-orb

25: Fight it again and again by smashing more orbs

26: Use the demonite scales and bars to make the nightmare pickaxe, shadow armour and the breaker