The first boss you want to fight is Eye Of Cthulu the easiest boss of all because it will be much more easier to get the demonite bars to create lights bane,war axe of the night and demon bow.

The best armour for this battle is silver or for a challenge you could be naked LOL.

For beginners guide to kill him, get the merchant and buy at least 500 ninja stars(cant spell name of it)because while he is summoning the servant of cthulu,it will rapidly kill them and attack eye of cthulu.

The best time to kill him is when he is summoning servants of cthulu but if you want to attack him when he charges three times at you thats ok but be careful.

After attacking him a couple of times,he becomes amgry and shows his mouth.You would have to be much careful and it will become a little bit easier because defense becomes low and his attack becomes high.

After killing Eye Of Cthulu he will drop demonite ore and you smelt them at the furnace

Recommendations:I strongly recommend making war axe of the night because it will be effective for the Eater Of Worlds and lights bane if you want to get nights edge(I do know 1.1.1 is out)

Summoning:suspisous looking eye(6 lenses)

Thx for reading and next blog will come out about eater of worlds and how to destroy it!!!