Hey guys, before I get to the topic I just wanted to let you know that the majority of people voted for me to bring back some of the older poll from a few months ago, so you'll be seeing some new polls around here soon. You can also still vote here.User blog:TerrariamcSwaggins/Poll Your favorite NPC

This Blog is a follow up to my oringinal STOP SPAM/POINTLESS BLOGPOSTS where I basically bashed spamming to, sadly, no avail. Today, I went ahead and used Oscuritaforze's new Policy template/idea to create a Policy against Spam Blogs to hopefully end it for good. If given the right support, this proposed policy will be the new standard for Blogs.

You can check out the new proposed Blog Policy here.> Terraria Wiki:Blog Policy

And you can show your support here.> Terraria Wiki talk:Policy

Thanks for the support guys, if you have any questions just leave a message at my talkpage.

Have a nice day.TerrariamcSwaggins (talk) 00:08, March 10, 2014 (UTC)