Alright guys, simple question, what is your favorite thing about Terraria? It can be anything you want, Bosses, Mobs, Gameplay, Game Mechanics, the Retro style graphics, etc. Thanks guys.

Terraria Youtube Videos made by members of this Wiki

Checkout this cool Youtube channel by Cobravictim on easy ways to defeat the Terraria Bosses. He just did the The Eater of Worlds and should be releasing another video soon. The links below are to his first two tutorials.

On a side note, checkout this awesome Terraria playthrough series by Terrariadude101. The links below are to his first 3 episodes of the series.

And, Vengerfire just began a Terraria 1.2 Ranger Lets play series on Youtube, be sure to check his channel out too! Heres the links. :D Thanks again guys.

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