Hello all! As you may have known by now, the 1.2 patch for consoles has just been released! Here's all the information you need to know about this miracle!

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Good morning Terrarians!

In case you haven't had a chance to jump into the Terraria universe this morning, the patch for the 1.2 issues has been released for:

  • Xbox 360 (Global)
  • PS3 (Global)
  • PS Vita SCEE (Sony Computer Entertainment Europe)

We are waiting on final confirmation from Sony regarding the patch for PS Vita SCEA (Sony Computer Entertainment America). Fingers crossed, we should get confirmation from SCEA this morning followed shortly by a release date (maybe 24-48 hours after confirmation). We will let you know as soon as we know.


Until the SCEA Vita patch is released, you will experience cross save issues between PS3and the PS Vita as these two platforms will be using different versions of the game. Once the patch is released, there should be no issue. We are aware of an extremely rare issue where the game will fail to generate a world. Rebooting the console and reattempting should work as a workaround. There are a few more issues that have been addressed since this patch was sent for certification and will be included in a future patch. And, as always, please report any issues directly to us via:

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The 1.2 changelog

  • Loading a world that was made pre 1.2 could either fail or cause the world to get corrupted (shifting lands, odd world generation)
  • Character's whom had items in piggybanks or safes will lose all items or items would be replaced with other items
  • You can go into the Lihzard temple by mining the door with a Drax,
  • Inferno Demons/Hardmode enemies don't always spawn upon defeating a hardmode boss
  • The Cyborg has the name and Sprite of the party Girl and shares her dialog
  • Spider Caves don't always spawn: Spiders, Webs, Chests, and or the background
  • Destroying the hearts in the Crimson biome will spawn the eater of worlds instead of the Brain of Cthulhu.
  • Torches placed on blocks that are surrounded by walls will connect to the wall instead of the intended block.
  • Moon charm retains its old functionality
  • During world Generation it doesn't say these messages: "Making the world bloody..." or "Making the world Evil..."
  • Blood Crawlers AI glitches out in water, and will infinitely remain in place trying to get out. This happens to all Spider-Type AI
  • Blood Crawlers do not climb walls
  • Life fruits & chlorophyte are missing
  • When entering hard mode Corruption will always spawn, even in a Crimson World giving the player a crimson/corruption/hallow world
  • A huge amount of Shadow Chests is spawned in Hell
  • There are no / very few underground Gold Chests spawned, no / very few Ice Chests in underground Ice Biomes, no / very few underground houses
  • When holding the crimson rod the cursor can go off-screen
  • Death messages with no message are still present
  • Stats on reforged weapons dissapear after storing them
  • Shadow Orbs do not drop loot when destroyed
  • When a Crimson Biome is in a Snow Biome, Snow Biome music will play at all times
  • Ice Elementals kill themselves when shooting at you
  • New Characters should start with 20 mana by default in 1.2 but they don’t
  • Living Wood Walls are not recognized for suitable housing, same for Disk Wal, Flesh and bone
  • Jungle Spores and other jungle plants do not grow
  • Vile mushrooms do not ‘drop’ but get smushed like other growth
  • Goblin Archer will not shoot at you unless you are in melee distance
  • Using one bucket when you have a stack will destroy the entire stack
  • Plantera’s Bulb are not spawning
  • Jetpack gives infinite lift if you keep pressing jump button
  • Cannot craft chests in worlds without iron (lead is not usable)
  • Normal cactus grows in corrupted sand
  • Crimson does not spread
  • Chlorophyte bullets chase the nurse
  • Piranha Gun is broken
  • Additional 100 HP obtained with Life Fruits is not saved
  • Alternate hardmode ores do not spawn when Demon Altars are destroyed, always the old ones
  • Trophy “Is this Heaven” is broken
  • When using the Clentaminator on the far left on your map you can crash the game
  • Silt Block do not drop
  • Walls from Sky Islands do not count towards valid housing
  • General drop rate of certain items is way too high (Nature’s Gift, Pet Items, Banners, Boss Trophies, Falling Stars)
  • When killed by an Angry Nimbus, the game tells you you were killed by a Vilethorn
  • Lava Waders do not show the lava protection bar
  • When under lava (with obsidian potion) there is no oxygen gauge
  • Need to build in an auto-destruct for the following items that a player should never have:
    • Red’s Wings
    • Red’s Helmet
    • Red’s Breastplate
    • Red’s Leggings
    • Coin Gun
  • Dynamite and several other items are sold way too cheap (should be 1 gold, 50 silver)
  • If you paint a door, then close it and open it only half the door is painted
  • Pigron’s AI makes Skeleton Noise and acts like a fire Imp
  • Background changes to menu background when pausing the game
  • Certain armors put on mannequins in Pre 1.2 world get changed to something else or dissapear after installing 1.2
  • Seaweed is not found in the game
  • In online multiplay, when a client player uses Goodie Bag, it generates no items, or it crashes the host player's game
  • "Map data is now saved locally for visited Multiplayer worlds" only works on PSVita and not on PS3
  • The percentage of Hallowed and Corruption is not updated real-time when Cleataminator is used (has been improved from 35 minutes to about 5 minutes, so it’s still not real-time, but it is faster)
  • It is possible to craft a drax or pickaxe axe with just hallowed bars
  • Some music boxes have improperly assigned a prefix
  • You can use boss pop items during the day (at least the Suspicious Skull) and it will say the boss has awoken but he does not spawn (which is expected, the bug is you should not be able to use such an item during the day
  • If you have Flare Gun and Flare equipped, you stand as if you are holding a torch
  • When you have Heart Lantern placed, its buff icon has an unneeded timer