Hello Terrarians! Welcome to the fourteenth issue of The Terrarian Bugle! I've finally returned from vacation and I am ready to continue publishing the wiki's official newspaper! Today we have a bit of update info to look over, then we'll check out our normal weekly events, and finally, we'll have a look at the highly anticipated final part of Zoomo's astounding sprites! Thanks for reading, and enjoy! :D

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Update Info


Surprisingly enough, we have no word from the Devs on the progress of the 1.3 update. Though, it has been a while now, so I'm expecting word from them soon, quite soon.

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Lots of news and spoilers for the Mobile gamers! The Hardmode update release was scheduled for Thursday, August 14th, but it was, sadly, delayed due to 505 games spotting a significant bug.

This is what 505 Games stated in the announcement containing the sad news of the delay:

"Dear Terrarians,

Late yesterday evening, our QA discovered an issue with the Terraria Hardmode update for iOS. This bug is significant enough for us to make the decision to delay the release slightly while we work to fix the issue.

We want to provide the best gaming experience we can and feel that this bug needs to be addressed for that to happen.

Starting immediately, we will be spending our time addressing this bug and making minor polishing improvements with the goal of releasing the update at the same time as the Android version. While we do not have a solid date at this time, we hope to have one for everyone very shortly.

We apologize for the delay and thanks for your patience."

Here's a ton of sneak peek screenshots at the upcoming update:






I'll let you guys know next week, once I've received the news, the release date of Hardmode for the Mobile version.

Weekly Events

Poll of the week

Based on last issue's poll, it looks like you guys want another sprite contest, so let's do this!

This week will be the battle of the Skeletron Primes! The first (left side) is the original and the second (right side) is Zoomo's version.

Skeletron Prime head
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Best Creation/Pixel art of the Week

This week we have one submission! It's a Pokemon pixel art creation of Pachirisu, created by the talented builder, Squazzil. Be sure to compliment her next time you see her!


Exclusive interview with a member of this Wiki

TerrariamcSwaggins: Hey, Zmalik, would you be interested in doing an interview for the wiki's official newspaper, the Terrarian Bugle?

Zmalik1234: Sure, I’m cool with it. :D

TerrariamcSwaggins: Awesome. First question, what is your favorite boss and why?

Zmalik1234: My favorite boss is the Brain of Cthulhu, this is because it can supply you with Crimson Armor, which has good life regen for early gamers.

TerrariamcSwaggins: Yeah, ah, the good ‘ol days of Brain of Cthulhu farming. Next question, what is your favorite biome and why?

Zmalik1234: My favorite biome is the Dungeon, this is because the Dungeon can give you lots of weapons and you can make mob grinders along with how you’re able to find some NPCs.

TerrariamcSwaggins: Aye, the Dungeon is a good place for looting up. Final question, what monster, not Boss, gives you the most trouble in Terraria?

Zmalik1234: Probably the Wraith, mainly because it can pass through walls and because it can be hard to see it in the night.

TerrariamcSwaggins: I agree, Wraiths can be quite pestersome! Anyways, thanks for the interview. ^_^

Zmalik1234: No problem. :)

Weekly Special

This week is part 5, the finale, of, in my opinion, some of the greatest sprites I've ever seen! This is the final part of Zoomo's astounding sprites, so I hope that you're pumped! \(*o*)/

Credit for the sprites goes to Zoomo. His profile page can be viewed here:







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Announcements and Shoutouts




Hey guys, I hope you enjoyed the fourteenth issue of The Terrarian Bugle. Remember, if you have any ideas whatsoever just let me know at my talk page and I’ll see if I can add it in. If you want your creation in next week's Creation/Pixel art section just hit me up at my talk page or talk to me in the live chat.

All credit for the sprites goes to Zoomo.

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