Hello Terrarians! Welcome to the fifteenth issue of The Terrarian Bugle! I appreciate the stupendous amount of positive feedback I'm receiving for this series! Today we finally have new PC update info to look into from the Devs, then we'll check out our normal weekly events, and finally, we're going to have a continuation of Feardaszombie's Terraria comics! Thanks for reading, and enjoy! :D

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Update Info


It's here! The news and spoilers are finally here! Let's check out a few of the smaller features that will be implemented in the upcoming update. :)

Firstly, it appears that we have a few changes to the dye system coming up, as shown in the following images:

Living Flame Dye

Living Rainbow Dye

Skihps states:

"The new dye changes are designed to help add a bit more color to their armor. This occurs in two ways. The first way is that I've allowed for some of the dye color to seep through on areas that were previously considered too light or dark. The second is an overall increase to saturation. As a whole, the changes are minor, and should only be noticeable in cases where the dye would feel very underwhelming before."

Next up is a small handy feature that will allow you to determine how long a event/invasion will last. It takes form in a small bar as shown below:

(Note: This feature can be toggled on and off.)


And finally, it looks like we're going to have a new handy accessory known as the "Laser Ruler". Here's what it should look like in-game:


Also, a few bullet point notes:

Cenx states:

  • "This update will not include content that resembles the Frost/Pumpkin Moon Events. Start to finish the Frost Moon was created in under 2 weeks and was always meant to be bonus side content.
  • The team has decided to go in a different direction with the final boss of this update. You will no longer be fighting the actual moon.
  • Going into this update a major focus of mine has been to make sure this update doesn't feel like an impossibly hard rng nightmare. This does not mean you will be handed everything."

The Wall of Polls

I wanna get you guy's opinions on all this. ^_^

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Your opinion on not fighting the Moon in the Lunar event

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Your opinion on the Lunar event being different from the other two events

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Weekly Events

Poll of the week

I forgot to ask you guys what type of poll you wanted this week so I suppose we'll do another sprite contest. ;-;

This week will be the war of the Wolves! The first (left side) is the original and the second (right side) is Zoomo's version.

Wolf (1)

Your opinion on which version is better

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Would you like to participate in this again?

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Best Creation/Pixel art of the Week

This week we have one submission! It's a pixel art recreation of Squazzil's avatar, which is a character called, heh, Squazzil, from a game named Viva Pinata. Be sure to give her a hearty compliment next time you see her!


Exclusive interview with a member of this Wiki

TerrariamcSwaggins: Hey, would you like to do an interview for the wiki's official newspaper, The Terrarian Bugle?

SeriosulyGamer: Um, Okay.

TerrariamcSwaggins: Excellent! First question, what is your favorite boss and why?

SeriosulyGamer: That is a hard question since most of the bosses are cool and good looking, but my favorite boss is probably Plantera. The first thing I like about her is the nature feeling, people these days usually think about technology and not nature and the beauty of it. Also, Plantera going outside of the Jungle and instantly becoming enraged is cool and challenging. To sum it up, Plantera is an amazing boss to fight because of the natural feel of it.

TerrariamcSwaggins: Aye! Plantera is definitely a fan-favorite! Next question, what is your favorite biome and why?

SeriosulyGamer: Corruption, I love it since it's the original evil biome you have to face. It has a good arsenal of monsters, the Eater of Worlds and its Mechanical form, the Destroyer are amazing bosses. EoW is a worm-like boss that I have to see in other games like Terraria. He was hard the first time in a world since you don't have a Cobalt Shield to just stand there and use your Blue Moon/Ball O' Hurt and deal damage to every part of the body. But the Hardmode version is very different from Pre-Hardmode. The Clingers are hard to kill and one thing they have that usually annoys me that they attach to the ground which makes it very hard to attack if you are a melee player, but easier as a mage or ranger type of person. World Feeders are pretty easy to kill, but very hard to suspect since its a Burrowing Monster. Corrupters, well they have become easier since they don't corrupt anymore, so they are nothing.

TerrariamcSwaggins: Hehe, I know that the main Admin here, Oscuritaforze, also loves the Corruption. Final question, what is the most difficult boss fight you've ever been through?

SeriosulyGamer: Well, the most difficult boss fight I ever had was Plantera. Not surprising since it is my favorite boss. It took me about 3 days, in real life, keep in mind, to prepare my Chlorophyte Armor set and craft a lot of Crystal Bullets. It even made me use a arena to beat it! Plantera nearly killed me while fighting it the 2nd time, I was caught of guard a lot of times since I never had experience beating it with only a Megashark as my weapon. My only weakness was the Enraged Phase, it has Hungry-like vines and those little petal things. They took the health out of me very quickly! Luckily, I had experience dodging most of the attacks other than those two and with my Greater Healing Potions and the Campfire to back me up, my health never went below 50.

TerrariamcSwaggins: Not bad! Not bad at all. Anyways, I think that's a wrap! Thank you for your time!

SeriosulyGamer: No problem.

Weekly Special

For this week's special, we're going to have the return of Feardaszombie's amazing Terraria Comics! I've, personally, been pretty pumped for part two of this mini-series, so enjoy!

You can check him out here:

(Be sure to click on the page you're reading to en-large it!)


Terraria Pg.8 Resized

Terraria Pg.9 Resized

Terraria Pg 10 Resized

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Announcements and Shoutouts



SilverHexxitFights is back to writing full time, be sure to check out these masterpieces!


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