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Hello Terrarians! Welcome to the nineteenth issue of The Terrarian Bugle! Sorry about the lateness of this post, I was planning on taking care of it yesterday, but something came up. :P Anyways, today we have some exciting PC update info to go through, then we'll check out our normal weekly events, and finally, we're going to continue our exciting series; a complete showcasing of all of Hunited's sprites! Thanks for reading, and enjoy! :D

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Update Info


We have plenty of news to sift through, so let's get down to it!

The following descriptions of the new features being added are all statements made by Cenx.

NPC improvements

"Terraria NPCs have always been helpful – and witty – but limited in what they could do. 1.3 brings a number of NPC animation changes that are intended to help bring them to life and make them feel more like an interactive part of your world. While we were at it, we decided to go ahead and give our crew of NPCs a visual "makeover".

Oh, and we’ve also improved their AI – for example, you won’t have to deal with the Merchant standing in front of your chests/piggy banks anymore (seriously, what was he doing there anyway)?"


"Terraria 1.3 will introduce some subtle – yet exciting – changes at the Worldgen level. First and foremost, starting areas will be cleaned up and smarter. In addition, a handful of Mini-Biomes have been added for intrepid explorers to discover."





"Terrarians have always been a little “stretchy” in the torso – and quite visibly so when running! Lazure is taken care of that by putting that spring in their step. The end result is that your character will look much more natural as he/she runs around in their world!"


"The Crimson is getting a bit of attention in this update."


"When smart cursor is enabled stairs will place automatically."


"Concept sketch by Crowno. You will see these guys in one of the new events..."


"Something Yorai has been working on...I will let you speculate."

Arranged NewNPCChanges

"Lazure gave some older NPCs a bit of a facelift."

Weekly Events

Poll of the week

Last week you guys voted for a normal poll, so here it is!

This week we'll be hosting a poll about what invasion you enjoyed most. Enjoy!

Which invasion do you enjoy more?

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Creation/Pixel art of the Week

This week we have one submission! This is an Ice-themed NPC home constructed in the middle of the frozen wasteland known as the Snow Biome! It was created by UltimaTech, so be sure to give him a pat on the back next time you see him!

Quick note: Clicking on the actual image will enlarge it for a better viewing experience.


Exclusive interview with a member of this Wiki

Well, the person I talked to this week didn't want to do an interview. So we're not going to have an interview this week. Sorry, guys. (Not going to say the user's name – I don't think they want their name to be known.)

Weekly Special

I'm very excited to continue our ongoing series; Hunited's amazing sprites! So let's get to it! Welcome to part three.

Credit for the sprites goes to Hunited.

This week we will be continuing our weapons theme! Enjoy!

33lbmPC Bugle version
SDusdCF Bugle version
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Announcements and Shoutouts




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Hey guys, I hope you enjoyed the nineteenth issue of The Terrarian Bugle. Remember, if you have any ideas whatsoever just let me know at my talk page and I’ll see if I can add it in. If you want your creation in next week's Creation/Pixel art section just hit me up at my talk page or talk to me in the live chat.

All credit for the sprites goes to Hunited.

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