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Merry Christmas, Terrarians! Welcome to the twenty-seventh issue of The Terrarian Bugle! I have some pretty exciting stuff to show you guys today, so let's get right to it! Today we an exciting PC spoiler to check out along with an important note from 505 Games, then we'll check out our Christmas-themed weekly events, then we're going to finish up our latest series; a complete showcasing of DerpoTheMagnificent's sprites, and finally, we'll have a look at SilverHexxitFights' next episode in his story! Thanks for reading, and enjoy! :D

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Cenx has just recently posted a new spoiler! From the looks of it, the spoiler is mainly showcasing a new feature that will allow players to showcase their items in the chat. I'm positive that there's other new things in the spoiler, also, so be sure to mention what else you see in the comments below! Please head over here to view the full .gif!

Along with the amazing images below, I would recommend watching this. It contains a brief summary of the latest spoilers along with a new spoiler exclusively for Hero to showcase!


How hyped are you for 1.3?

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We have just recently received word from 505 Games regarding something very important for console players, so be sure to read the following carefully.

505 Games states:

"Good afternoon everyone.

We are aware of an important issue that requires the attention of all console Terrarians.

With the latest update, a bug was introduced that converts console exclusive armor left on mannequins into Christmas vanity outfits. This applies to armor on mannequins at the time of the user updating as well as any exclusive armor added to a mannequin after the update.

A patch to fix this and some other issues is being fast tracked and is well underway. That said, until you hear from us that the fix is available

Please do not place console exclusive armor on any mannequin!


IMPORTANT UPDATE (December 19, 2014)

The console armor/mannequin bug only occurs if a player loads a savegame that was created in a pre-christmas patch build into a game running the post-christmas patch build. So if you have the christmas patch installed and then put armor on mannequins, nothing will happen.

What that means is that the warning in this thread is a bit more specific based upon what we know now:

Do not load worlds that were created in older (pre-Christmas update) builds in which you have console armor on mannequins into the christmas patch build. If players want to do that, they should first remove the armor from the mannequins, then apply the christmas patch, then load the world again. It should then be safe to put armor on mannequins in that world.

Thanks again for your patience and understanding!


We are not sure what - if any - fixes will be available for anyone already affected, but we will look into it.

We deeply and sincerely apologize for this - and to anyone adversely affected by this bug. We understand this will be frustrating and that losing hard-won gear is never a pleasant experience.

Thanks, and stay tuned for further information."

Weekly Events

Poll of the week

This poll will be based on what Christmas-themed outfit you like most, enjoy!

Favorite Christmas-themed outfit?

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Creation/Pixel art of the Week

This week we have two submissions! The first is Squazzil's Christmas-themed home! The second is Jewsus' (not a member of this wiki, if you're wondering) candy cane themed house! Be sure to compliment both of these great builders if or when you get the chance!

(Note: Clicking on the images directly will bring up the full, clear version of them.)

Christmas build


Exclusive interview with a member of this Wiki

TerrariamcSwaggins: Hello! I was wondering if you'd be interested in doing an interview for the Terrarian Bugle?  :)

Jojojovi: I'd love too!

TerrariamcSwaggins: Awesome! First question, what is your favorite boss and why?

Jojojovi: Probably the Golem. I like the fight and traversing the Temple. And the fight is fun, too. Especially the first time that you defeat him, when the drops are nice and OP. :)

TerrariamcSwaggins: Yeah, I do love exploring the Temple, also. I just like how it's laid out and how you have to dodge traps and such. The Golem fight is pretty fun, too. Next question, what class do you prefer most in the game?

Jojojovi: This is a pretty hard choice, but I would say that magic is my favorite, Even though the Spectre Hood has been nerfed, it's still a pretty good class. I use the mask, specifically. The Razorblade Typhoon is a really good setup with the Spectre Armor, in my opinion. But then again, melee is also pretty important to me. Mainly because the Beetle Armor and Vampire Knives are the only way that I can defeat the Duke Fishron.

TerrariamcSwaggins: My main class is melee, but I have been messing around with magic lately; it is indeed pretty fun! Next question, what is your favorite biome and why?

Jojojovi: I gotta say the Underground Jungle, even if it gets very difficult later in the game. I like going there and collecting treasures in pre-Hardmode. I also like the hype when seeing a Plantera's Bulb and getting ready to fight him. I also enjoy collecting Chlorophyte!

TerrariamcSwaggins: The Underground Jungle is indeed a fun place to explore! I remember my first time traipsing through the thick brush... good times, good times. Final question, feature/addition are you most hyped for in the 1.3 update?

Jojojovi: I probably gotta say that the Portal Gun is my favorite. I've never played Portal, but I've seen a lot of play-throughs and I think that the Portal Gun would be very helpful in Terraria. Then again, I really enjoy collecting Mounts so I can't really tell which one that I am more excited for. Probably the Portal Gun, though.

TerrariamcSwaggins: Yeah, I am also looking forward to mucking around with the Portal Gun. :3 Anyways, that's a wrap! Thank you for your time!

Jojojovi: And thank you! I enjoyed answering these questions. :D

TerrariamcSwaggins: Glad to hear it! :) Merry Christmas!

Weekly Special

For the final week of DerpoTheMagnificent's sprites, we're going to showcase two themes, rather than one! Welcome to the fifth and final part. :)

All credit for the sprites go to DerpoTheMagnificent.

This week's themes will be furniture and bunny armor! Enjoy!

All Furniture

Bunny amor

Your opinion on these sprites?

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Story of the Week

This week's story was created by SilverHexxitFights! Enjoy!

Here is this week's story!

Night's Edge: Episode 4

Bowled against the wall, helpless, the adventurer had little to do but raise his two swords - the Muramasa and the Blade of Grass - as the Queen Bee charged toward him. He squinted his eyes, preparing for the impact...

And there was none, just the jarring vibration of the bee's wings against his twin swords, held up under great pressure. They had stopped the being cold, and were slowly cutting through its head.

Backing up, the bee shook its head, and its antennae fell off. It charged again and again, but somehow the adventurer evaded them, limping around.

The monster paused, hovering over the adventurer. With a hissing noise, it began releasing tiny bees from its abdomen. The adventurer knew it was time.

With all of his remaining strength, he stabbed upwards, the Blade of Grass and Muramasa complementing each other in a magnificent X. The bee, slashed into pieces, tumbled down around him, the honey soaking around him. He leaned back and smiled as his ankle healed.

It was time to go down.

What do you rate this?

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Hey guys, I hope you enjoyed the twenty-seventh issue of The Terrarian Bugle. Remember, if you have any ideas whatsoever just let me know at my talk page and I’ll see if I can add it in. If you want your creation in next week's Creation/Pixel art section just hit me up at my talk page or talk to me in the live chat.

Thanks for reading, guys! Let me know what you think in the comments below.

All credit for the sprites go to DerpoTheMagnificent.

Have a Merry Christmas and I'll see you all on Sunday! :D

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-Credit to Squazzil for the great banner!
-Credit for the story goes to SilverHexxitFights!