Hello Terrarians and Happy (early) Easter! Welcome to the third issue of The Terrarian Bugle! Thanks for all your support it really means a lot. :D Alrighty, for today we're gonna go through some update info including the console update, although it's already released, and the Weekly Events, we also have some awesome sprites to check out later. Thanks for reading and enjoy! :D

Update Info


It is still unknown when the next update will be released but, Cenx has hired or is finishing hiring the Beta testers to test out the next update so we can expect it soon! :D


As you all probably know by now, the 1.2 update has finally been released to consoles!

You can report Bugs here:

You can get help here:

You can find the official changelog here:

And you can view he official announcment here:


We still haven't heard from 505 games concerning the Mobile update. Keep on waiting you Mobile Terrarians! D:

Weekly Events

Poll of the Week

Today we'll be taking a trip back to the noob days of Terraria with a Pre-Hardmode Boss poll. Credit goes to SilverHexxitFights for the poll. :D

Which is your favorite pre-Hardmode boss?

The poll was created at 23:58 on April 17, 2014, and so far 150 people voted.

Best Creation/Pixel art of the Week

This weeks best Creation/Pixel is gonna have to go to SSCrimsonWolf! Here's his Candy cane themed castle which has been built in a Snow Biome. And, we also have another house to showcase! Below the Candy cane castle is Koburo's Corruption themed house! Make sure to let these gentlemen know that their creations are loved in the Chat. :D


Exclusive interview with a member of this Wiki

TerrariamcSwaggins: Hi there Silentclan, would you mind doing an interview for the Terrarian Bugle?

Silentclan: Ok, Sure.

TerrariamcSwaggins: Awesome, first question, what is your favorite Boss in Terraria and why?

Silentclan: I’ll say The Twins because they were the first Hardmode boss I fought and I like the sprites for the two forms.

TerrariamcSwaggins: Yeah, the Twins always gave me trouble, but I do like the forms and such. Next question. How long have you played Terraria for?

Silentclan: Well, I only have Xbox 360 but I got it about 2 or 3 months after it came out

TerrariamcSwaggins: Awesome, what is your opinion on the new 1.2 update so far then?

Silentclan: I think it is very cool. Finally, some new bosses. The Crimson. New textures. Lots of cool stuff.

TerrariamcSwaggins: Yessir, I remember how excited I was for the PC 1.2 update. ^-^ Next question, what is your favorite Pet?

Silentclan: Probably the Pet Zombie. When it goes noclip to catch up to you it looks like it is farting. Lol. XD

TerrariamcSwaggins: Hehe, I know right? Last question, what is your favorite weapon?

Silentclan: Tizona. I have full Dragon Armor And a Warrior Emblem plus, it is a sharp reforge so it does 87 base damage. Also my critical strike chance is so high it averages 135 damage. I have 63 total defense. OP MUCH? I think so.

TerrariamcSwaggins: Perfect, thank you for your time good sir.

Silentclan: You are very welcome.

Weekly Special

For this week's special appearance we're gonna have an awesome spriter named Balduran showcase her Terraria sprites here! Balduran also asked me to mention that she does commissions and paid work in general in addition to doing it for fun.

You can check her Terraria Online Profile here:

And you can go through her non-Terraria creations at her deviantART profile here:

On to the Sprites! :D

Master Guns
Master Melee
Master Chars
Master Tiles201
Master Misc
What do you think of these sprites

The poll was created at 14:04 on April 19, 2014, and so far 186 people voted.

Announcements and Shoutouts


I would like to announce the second battles of Super Smash Terraria! You can find it and participate here:

The third Poll for the next Super Smash Terraria is now open. You can find that here:


I'd like to give a shoutout to SilverHexxitFights new Terraria Fan Ideas, I will be editing there every so often and you are invited to come and share your ideas/things that could improve Terraria. You can check that out here:

I would also like to give a shoutout to FragBombGaming and SilverHexxitFights Terraria stories, you can check those out here:!)


Hey guys, I hope you enjoyed the third issue of The Terrarian Bugle. Remember, if you have any ideas whatsoever just let me know at my talkpage and I’ll see if I can add it in. Your ideas is what is gonna (hopefully) make this series awesome. :D If you want your picture in next week's Creation/Pixel art section just hit me up at my talkpage.

All credit for the sprites goes to Balduran, you can find link to her profile and deviantART above.

Thanks for reading guys and let me know what you think in the comments below.

Have a nice weekend and I'll see you next week. :D


-Thanks to SilverHexxitFights for the Poll submission.
-Thanks to Squazzil for the amazing banner.