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Hello Terrarians! Welcome to the forty-third issue of The Terrarian Bugle! We have no news or new spoilers to present, so we'll be quickly going through that section. Following that, we'll conduct our normal weekly events, then continue our latest series: a complete showcasing of SilverHexxitFights' sprites! Due to some complications last week, we were unable to showcase the latest part of SilverHexxitFights' story. Luckily enough, we do have the story for this week, so I hope you all enjoy it!

News & Spoilers

It seems that we have no new information regarding Terraria in general or the 1.3 update in specific. That stated, please stay tuned in for next week's issue of the Bugle, where we will (hopefully) have some new, exciting things to report!

Weekly Events

Poll of the week

This week's poll is based on what monster you like most from the Glowing Mushroom Biome. Enjoy!

Which is your favorite?

The poll was created at 21:44 on April 19, 2015, and so far 35 people voted.

Creation/Pixel art of the Week

This week we have one submission! It is Squazzil's glass castle on top of an old style hallowed island! Don't forget to send some kind words her way next time you see her!


Weekly Special

For this week, we'll be continuing our latest series: a complete showcasing of all of SilverHexxitFights' sprites! Welcome to the fourth part. :)

All credit for the sprites go to SilverHexxitFights.

This week's theme is monster and miscellaneous items.

Your opinion of the third part of this series?

The poll was created at 00:14 on April 20, 2015, and so far 35 people voted.

Story of the Week

This week's story was created by SilverHexxitFights! This will be part three of his latest series, so enjoy!

Here is this week's story!

Into the Trees - Part Three

The clangs of picks echoed through the Underground Jungle as the pair’s Pickaxe Axes dug into the strange ore. It was all around them, reflecting their torches’ light in sparkles and whorls. Though oddly spongy, it would not yield under the holy pickaxes digging at it. Perhaps it was one of those substances that grew harder with pressure? Neither adventurer - largely simple folk - didn't know. It was merely something they acknowledged with tightened muscles and sweat.

Behind a wall of chlorophyte was a luminous pink bulb, and Elin's pickaxe didn't stop fast enough.

What do you rate the third part of this new series?

The poll was created at 00:14 on April 20, 2015, and so far 17 people voted.

Announcements and Shoutouts


  • There is a discussion currently ongoing regarding fixes to the category system.
  • There is also an extremely important discussion regarding the potential reversal of the individual page project. Be sure to have a look!
  • A discussion regarding the removal of the transparent article background is currently underway. This is rather important, so make sure you drop by and check it out!


  • What is the most "What have I done?" moment you've ever had in Terraria? Check this out this state your experience and view other crazy experiences!
  • Interested in checking out The Pathogen's current status? You can find it here!
  • What weapon would you have in real life from Terraria?
  • Were you ready for the Wall of Flesh? Leave a comment regarding your experience and read some other interesting experiences here!


Hey guys, I hope you enjoyed the forty-third issue of The Terrarian Bugle. Remember, if you have any ideas whatsoever just let me know at my talk page and I’ll see if I can add it in. If you want your creation in next week's Creation/Pixel art section just hit me up at my talk page or talk to me in the live chat.

Thanks for reading, guys! Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Have a nice weekend and I'll see you next week. :D

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