Hello Terrarians! Welcome to the fifth issue of The Terrarian Bugle! The support for this series has been astounding, so I will continue to release this on a weekly basis. :D Today we're gonna be going through some update info for PC, another status update on the bug fixes for Console, and some amazing fan art later on. Thanks for reading and enjoy! :D

Update Info


The countdown to the 1.2.4 update has reached an estimated 2-3 days! If you haven't read the official post please go here to view it:

If you haven't watched the official trailer, you can view it here:

Also, we do have news for the Lunar update, here's what Red says:

"For those of you curious about the much hyped up Lunar Update; The graphics team is currently working on assets for the Lunar Event. Once 1.2.4 is bug free and released we will get to work on the programming side of things."

So we can expect them to get right to work on the ultimate update right after the 1.2.4 launch. :D


505 Games has just released another update of the 1.2 console crisis. They say:

"Hi Terrarians,

Heading into the weekend, we want to give you all another quick update on the status of the 1.2 patch for consoles.

We are nearing completion of our internal testing this weekend and plan to have a solid submission (aka "certification") ready patch to send over to Microsoft and Sony in the first half of next week.

Please keep in mind that we do not control the release date and must wait for approval from Microsoft and Sony after they complete their process before we are able to give one.

So, at this point we cannot give you a release date and ask that you do not speculate on your own. Speculation and guesswork tends to cause a lot of drama here in the forums and we want to keep the conversation on track. However, at this point we do not expect any significant delays and hope to announce certification very soon.

Thanks for being patient"

So all you console Terrarian can expect your precious update in, hopefully, the next few days! ^-^


505 Games is still currently focused on releasing the bug fix for Console versions so expect a further delay in the release of the Hard mode update. We do not have a confirmed date for the update as of now.

Weekly Events

Poll of the Week

This week we're gonna do a classic "What's your favorite biome" poll. Credit for the poll goes to SilverHexxitFights.

Which is your favorite biome?

The poll was created at 16:24 on May 3, 2014, and so far 62 people voted.

Best Creation/Pixel art of the Week

This week we have two submissions! One from Squazzil and another from Koburo. The first is Squazz's amazing Halloween themed Pumpkin home for the NPCs. The next is Koburo's awesome biosphere type home. Make sure to let these builders know that you love their amazing constructions! :D



Exclusive interview with a member of this Wiki

TerrariamcSwaggins: Hey Tech, you seem like a cool dude, would you mind if I interviewed you for the Terrarian Bugle?

Techman129: Sure!

TerrariamcSwaggins: Awesome, thanks man! First question, What is your favorite boss in Terraria and why?

Techman129: Ummm, Would Frost Moon bosses count?

TerrariamcSwaggins: Sure.

Techman129: Umm, then probably the Ice Queen, or Plantera. Most likely because they have different attacks, once I heard about those bosses, I thought it would be something lame, but Andrew surprised me! (ONCE AGAIN!) XD

TerrariamcSwaggins: XD I agree, both of those bosses are amazing. Next question, about how long have you played Terraria for?

Techman129: Like, when I bought it? Or in game hours?

TerrariamcSwaggins: When you bought it.

Techman129: Most likely May 19th of 2012. I got it as a gift from one of my friends.

TerrariamcSwaggins: Ah, so roughly 2 years?

Techman129: Yep. 433 Total hours, to be exact (according to Steam) =3

TerrariamcSwaggins: Alright, awesome. Next question, what is your choice of weapons and Armor?

Techman129: Well, I'm a mage+half melee so I have Spectre armor (I have both the mask and Hood) which I switch between whenever I need it. I like to use the:

Mystic Blizzard Staff

Demonic North Pole

Godly Scourge of the Corruptor

Vampire Knives

Golden Shower

Mythical Inferno Fork

Masterful Rainbow Gun

Death Sickle

Mythical Razorpine

TerrariamcSwaggins: Woah, that's awesome.

Techman129: And a Rod of Discord.

TerrariamcSwaggins: Is that all? 0_0

TerrariamcSwaggins: Amazing, final question, what do you like most about Terraria?

Techman129: Well, I the amount of items, I like the community, *cough* Koburo*cough*, the amount of bosses and finally, I love the stuff you do to interview people! Kudos to you sir!

TerrariamcSwaggins: Haha, Thanks for the interview!

Weekly Special

For this week's special appearance we're gonna have an amazing artist named ppowersteef showcase his Terraria fan art here! All credit goes to ppowersteef for this amazing fan art, you can check out his profile here:


Underground corruption


Avatar 3

Your opinion on this fanart

The poll was created at 16:08 on May 3, 2014, and so far 56 people voted.

Announcements and Shoutouts


I would like to announce the sixth battle of Super Smash Terraria! You can find it and participate here: The seventh Poll for the next Super Smash Terraria is now open. You can find that here:


I'd like to give another shoutout to SilverHexxitFights' new Terraria Fan Ideas Wiki, I am now an Admin there and I will be consistently editing there. You are invited to come and share your ideas/things that could improve Terraria. You can check that out here:

I would also like to give a shoutout to and SilverHexxitFights' Terraria stories, you can check those out here:


Hey guys, I hope you enjoyed the fifth issue of The Terrarian Bugle. Remember, if you have any ideas whatsoever just let me know at my talkpage and I’ll see if I can add it in. If you want your picture in next week's Creation/Pixel art section just hit me up at my talkpage or talk to me in the Live chat. All credit for the sprites goes to ppowersteef.

Thanks for reading guys and let me know what you think in the comments below.

Have a nice weekend and I'll see you next week. :D


-Thanks to SilverHexxitFights for the Poll submission.
-Thanks to Squazzil for helping me take care of the Typos and grammatical errors.