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Hello Terrarians! Welcome to the fifty-fourth issue of The Terrarian Bugle! Today we have news regarding the recent hotfixes for 1.3, so I hope you all find that to be helpful! Afterwards, we'll have a look at another spoiler for the upcoming Terraria:Otherworld, so enjoy! Following that, we'll conduct our normal weekly events, and then continue our current, exciting series: a complete showcasing of Ajidot's amazing Terraria fan art!

News & Spoilers

Brief synopsis of the following articles:

  • Terraria:Otherworld spoiler image.
  • 1.3 hotfixes news.



In a recent spoiler published by Loki, we see the newly rebuilt character models!

Loki states:

"We took a couple of weeks away from Terraria: Otherworld to let that "other Terraria game" have the spotlight all to itself during the 1.3 launch - and then take a bit of time to celebrate ourselves. We are back this week on the Otherworld spoiler train with a pretty substantial change.

Introducing our completely rebuilt main character models! With these new models in place - and more customization options - you can get yourself "into the game" like never before. So, what do you think? What will your Terraria: Otherworld character look like? Let us know!"

Chars zoom alt1


Latest 1.3 Hotfixes - July 9th & 13th

In the recent 1.3 hotfixes threads on the Terraria Community Forums, Cenx states:

" is now live! Now that 1.3 is in a good place the Terraria team will be taking a much needed break while Skiphs continues to chip away at the Mac/Linux port. Thanks again for your on going support and patience, you guys rock."

The following is the changelog for

  • In addition to the fixes to Medusa's line of sight, she now makes sound and emits particles when petrifying players.
  • Cactus Dresser and Pumpkin Dresser now both require the Sawmill to craft.
  • Skeleton Mage Banner and Spider Banner have been renamed to accurately reflect against which enemies they will buff you in combat.
  • Enemies should no longer count towards tally counters / banners if no player has touched them before they died (i.e. random mob deaths by lava pool no longer count).
  • When dropping a banner, enemies will now give the banner to the last player to hit them rather than the nearest player.
  • "Dye Hard" now really requires having all of the equipment slots include dye, rather than just armor/accessory slots.
  • In addition to the fix for Phantasm (see below), it has been slightly nerfed.
  • Vortex beater has been slightly buffed.
  • Mothron's Wings are now obtainable as a drop from Mothron after Plantera has been defeated.
  • In addition to the dye plants spelunking fix (see below) Strange Plants should now be more common.
  • Teleportation should no longer black out the screen if the end point is located on the same screen area.
  • Portal gun's portals now apply portal physics even to players who do not hold it, and are lost when landing or if pressing jump
  • In addition to the Martian Probe fix (see below) Martian Probes can no longer spawn near the world center, and their spawn chance has been reduced.
  • Reduced the chance of a natural Solar Eclipse happening.
  • Added Config.json setting "UseSmartAxeAfterSmartPickaxe", which is off by default. If you enable this: Smart Pickaxe would be prioritized over Smart Axe for items that can mine both.
  • Red's Yoyo & Valkyrie Yoyo are now both obtained from Red's and Lazure's developer sets, and their stats have been rebalanced.
  • Yorai's Spell no longer counts as vanity (this was not a bug)
  • Bloody Spine now required 30 Vicious Powder in its recipe.
  • You can no longer escape from the final boss's wrath.
  • Dedicated servers can now be launched with -forcepriority to override server settings file's process priority.
  • Dedicated server can now use -ip again to set their local IP address
  • Chat text should no longer draw if chat string length is zero.
  • Reduced Steam call count. (should solve most of the multiplayer framedrop issues)
  • Improved cancelling the process of joining games.
  • Reduced some packet sizes for multiplayer.
  • Fixed Pinky not appearing on life form analyzer.
  • Fixed banners not applying to melee hits (swords, maces , axes, pickaxes , etc)
  • Fixed Solar Tablet not being consumed when used in multiplayer.
  • Fixed minecart generated tracks removing wires they go through.
  • Fixed certain banners turning into other banners when placed in multiplayer.
  • Fixed (almost unnoticeable) bug where if the player comes to a standstill in multiplayer you might see them walking for another bit of time.
  • Fixed bug where cultists can respawn while Moonlord's countdown happens.
  • Fixed Sticky Dynamite tooltip.
  • Fixed Red's wings letting you noclip .
  • Fixed Fireplace not counting as a light source for houses.
  • Fixed Invasion progress going negative in Frost/Pumpkin Moon if you exceed ~32k points in multiplayer.
  • Fixed Tax Collector not granting money in multiplayer.
  • Fixed Eye of Cthulhu dealing WAYYYYY too much damage in normal mode.
  • Fixed issue that caused maps to go black along with a handful of related issues.
  • Fixed issue where you could get new characters with the 6th accessory slot unlocked.
  • Fixed walls not framing properly in camera mode snapshots.
  • Fixed electrocution debuff being removable by right clicking.
  • Fixed some inconsistencies between minimap heads and character heads .
  • Fixed some typos regarding item tooltips.
  • Fixed hittable enemy projectiles not scaling in expert mode.
  • Fixed Solar Shields drawing even when you're dead.
  • Fixed certain items continuing their use even if you're under heavy crowd control (petrified , frozen , etc).
  • Fixed Skyware Sink requiring the Living Loom to craft.
  • Fixed bug where worms would leave floating heads around when dying in multiplayer (hopefully!)
  • Fixed 'out of bounds' very rare crash with smart cursor.
  • Fixed Shadow Orbs spawning in Crimson worlds by mistake.
  • Fixed air items being left over when monsters pick up coins in expert mode.
  • Fixed Familiar Wig requiring a hair dye in order to apply normal dyes to itself.
  • Fixed enemies despawning when hit by weak attacks with high armor penetration (bosses not dropping loot bags).
  • Fixed Martian Saucer and Flying Dutchman having invisible, invincible pieces in multiplayer.
  • Fixed loot from fishing not being highlighted in the highlight system.
  • Fixed Fireblossoms not fiercely glowing when in bloom.
  • Fixed certain achievements not being obtainable in multiplayer (you should now be able to get them all).
  • Fixed beekeeper and beetle offense proccing their effects on dummies.
  • Fixed 'quick stack to all chests' potentially eating loot in old/modded worlds.
  • Fixed Solar debuff spreading to friendly NPCs, killing them.
  • Fixed high velocities allowing players to travel through blocks.
  • Fixed Target Dummies sometime being invisible in multiplayer.
  • Fixed fishing achievements not being counted on Steam / resetting on startup.
  • Fixed recalling while renaming a chest would lock your controls out until a restart.
  • Fixed weird interactions between dashing and ropes.
  • Fixed bug where Phantasm dealt unintentional high damage.
  • Fixed dye plants not glowing to spelunking effects.
  • Fixed Booster tracks not switching directions in multiplayer.
  • Fixed Medusa petrifying players who are out of her vision.
  • Fixed Corites not charging at players who are unreachable.
  • Fixed Alien Vortexes and Lightning Vortexes spawning in places where they are ineffective.
  • Fixed Martian Probe / Cultists spawning while other important things are happening (boss fights, invasions)
  • Fixed a large multitude of NPCs not dropping their banners / counting tally.
  • Fixed Goblin Archer not counting tally / dropping his banner.
  • Fixed controls being reversed for Anti-Gravity hook when used in Reverse Gravity.
  • Fixed Extractinator drops appearing weirdly when used in Reverse Gravity.
  • Fixed Moonlord's body parts not showing display names.
  • Fixed Plantera flag not triggering for non-English users.
  • Fixed being unable to leave settings menu under rare and unfortunate circumstances.
  • Fixed parallax not loading correctly.
  • Fixed 'falling blocks over door' dupe bug.
  • Fixed Cultists sinking into the floor in multiplayer rarely.
  • Fixed falling blocks not taking actuated tiles into account.
  • (Potentially) Fixed boss bags disappearing after death.
  • Fixed Portal Gun right click working in Camera Mode.
  • Fixed thick cursor point being the inner edge's and not the outer's.
  • Fixed Stardust Dragon size going bonkers.
  • Fixed mobs targeting hardcore player ghosts.
  • Fixed Martian Probe detecting players above it.
  • Fixed miscellaneous chat tag errors.

The following is the changelog for

  • Added Celestial Sigil, a summoning item for the final boss. (craftable)
  • Moonbite duration has been reduced by 1 second in expert mode and 3 seconds in normal mode.
  • Living leaf walls now count as safe for housing!
  • Buffed Phantasm a bit. (it really was bugged!)
  • Martian drone rarity lowered in Sky Biome (Still higher than original)
  • Martian Drone now shows up on Rare Creature Finder.
  • Vortex and Nebula weapons have been rebalanced to fit some bug fixes they went through.
  • Portal gun bolt speed quadrupled so you can no longer travel faster than your bolt.
  • Eater of Worlds expert mode Vile Spit damage has been reduced.
  • Damage from spikes now checks for immunity separately from other effects.
New cong options
  • Added Config.json setting "ReverseUpDownForArmorSetBonuses", off by default, if you set it on: stardust and vortex armors will use the UP key instead of DOWN key to trigger set bonuses
  • Fixed Quickstack to all chests not updating recipes list.
  • Fixed "Distorted" debuff freezing players in place rather than changing their movement pattern.
  • Fixed Cute Fishron and Unicorn mounts not having their tooltips.
  • Fixed and earlier versions of worlds not loading successfully under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed issue where you could use items when hovering between the item slots on the bottom row of the inventory.
  • Fixed issue where Drill Containment Unit's mining code would cause unnecessary lag in multiplayer.
  • Fixed Cultists ritual blocking Martian Probe from spawning.
  • Potentially fixed Stardust Dragon desync issue.
  • Fixed Solar Tablet being usable in pre-hardmode, night time or during a solar eclipse under rare circumstances.
  • Fixed some banner names.
  • Fixed Dryad's ward buff reducing npc defense instead of buffing it (and npcs having dryads ward defense when they dont have the buff)
  • Fixed (super rare) bug where hittable projectiles showed HP on mouse hover.
  • Fixed Portal Gun's portals not allowing players to teleport to spots near nonsolid platforms.
  • Fixed Cosmic Car shadow trail glows not fading.
  • Fixed Hades/Loki's dyes causing strange behaviors.
  • Fixed some oddities about portal gates.
  • Fixed a rare lighting crash.
  • Fixed Goblin Scouts despawning not spawning.
  • Fixed vortex weapons not scaling with ranged damage or knockback.
  • Fixed bug that let you quick stack coins that were not in coin slot or hotbar to other chests.
  • Fixed bug where holding pet items would not bring up the equipment page.
  • Fixed torch dupe bug.
  • Fixed all the spider hitboxes when on walls.
  • Fixed chests which turn into big mimics on multiplayer would no longer allow destroying another chest that would be placed in their position.
  • Fixed 'final boss flies to space' bug.
  • Fixed Seedler projectiles not counting as melee / not getting flask effects.
  • Fixed Hoplite enemy javelins showing flask visual effects in singleplayer.
  • Fixed issue where WoF's 'The Hungrys ropes would turn invisible.
  • Fixed Lunar Hook not allowing you to use the hooks freely unless at least 1 is placed.
  • Fixed being able to open money trough when the game is paused.

Weekly Events

Poll of the week

This poll is based on what you think of the Moon Lord boss, enjoy!

How hyped are you?

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Creation/Pixel art of the Week

This week we have one submission! It is Luminato's massive spaceship!


Weekly Special

This week will be the next part of our latest series; a complete showcasing of Ajidot's awesome Terraria fan art! Welcome to part nine!

This week will feature some art! Enjoy!

Your opinion part nine of this series?

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