Hello Terrarians! Welcome to the seventh issue of The Terrarian Bugle! The support for this series has been quite encouraging, it really helps me get through times where I don't even want to work on it. Thanks! :D Today we're gonna blow through the update info as there is pretty much nothing to report. We also have another Terraria Fan Ideas Wiki idea later on so I hope you're excited to see it. Thanks for reading and enjoy! :D

Update Info


Not much to say here other then that we are now awaiting the highly anticipated Lunar Update.

If you haven't heard the amazing sound track for it yet, you can find it here:

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Not too much to say except that (Hopefully) 505 games is working on porting the next update. Don't expect it anytime soon though.

You can find info about the latest update here:!


There is no new news concerning the mobile update.

Weekly Events

Poll of the Week

Plenty of furniture was added in the 1.2.4 update, what's your favorite style?

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Best Creation/Pixel art of the Week

This week we have two submissions! One from Squazzil and the other from Hunited. The first is Squazz's mind blowing Pirate Ship which is constructed in a Ocean Biome. The second is Hunt's neat Slime Hut/Home. Make sure to let these builders know that you appreciate their submissions! :D

Terraria Pirate Ship

Exclusive interview with a member of this Wiki

TerrariamcSwaggins: Hey Slayer, would you like to be interviewed?

SlayerOfTheBad: Sure.

TerrariamcSwaggins: Awesome, we'll get right to it then. What is your favorite Boss and why?

SlayerOfTheBad: Duke Fishron,  I really like it's design and the way it moves.

TerrariamcSwaggins: Yea, he's pretty crazy. Next question what is favorite biome and why?

SlayerOfTheBad: Hmmm, that's a hard one. I think I'm gonna go for the Jungle on this one, mostly because I'm a mage and it's the only biome where you can really get a mage set.

TerrariamcSwaggins: Awesome. Next question, about how long have you played Terraria for?

SlayerOfTheBad: Hm, about 6 months and 350 hours

TerrariamcSwaggins Alright, last question. What is your preferred gear and weapons?

SlayerOfTheBad: For Exploration, I like to use the Spooky Armor, Papyrus Scarab, Wings, Frostspark Boots, Star Veil, and the Ankh Shield. For bosses and fighting, I use the Spectre Armor with the hood, the Ankh Shield, some Wings, Boots, Star veil, and probably the Charm of Myths

TerrariamcSwaggins: Weapons?

SlayerOfTheBad: The Tempest Staff, Vampire Knives, Terra Blade, Razorpine, and the Razorblade Typhoon.

TerrariamcSwaggins: Perfect, that's it then. Thanks!

SlayerOfTheBad: No problem.

Weekly Special

The Terraria Fan Ideas wiki presents.........The Peacekeeper!

Credit for the sprite and a basic set up of the idea goes to zoomo and credit for the reformation of the idea goes to me and Fan Ideas wiki. Both can be viewed here:

And here:

And now, let us dive into this awe-inspiring idea...

The Peacekeeper is the Hard Mode version of Queen Bee. It is summoned by using the Mechanical Bee which is crafted with 3 Crispy Honey Blocks, 3 Honey Blocks, 5 Iron/Lead Bars, 1 Soul of Light, 1 Soul of Night, and 4 Souls of Flight at Mythril Anvil. When summoned a message appears saying: "An ominous buzzing sound fills the air..." It has 32,000 Hp, 33 melee damage, 51 ranged damage and 15 defense.

First stage

Peace Keeper
In the first stage, the Peacekeeper mainly alternates between two attacks. When she takes too much damage in a short amount of time she will teleport away; at the beginning she sustains a lot of damage before teleporting but as her health lowers she teleports more often. In the first phase it stays relatively still like when Queen Bee spawns bees. But instead of spawning bees the Peacekeeper spawns Drones in this phase, they do not come from her body instead spawning in droves from off screen. When in this phase she will slowly try to move away if the player gets too close, she will also make a loud buzzing sound and give off an amplified version of the particle effect for Adamantite gear.

The second attack phase for the first stage is basically the charge attack of the normal Queen Bee, however, she charges faster and more often. While she is charging the Drones which have been spawned will also fly at the player. The Peacekeeper gives off an the trail effect of cobalt and shadow armor when she is charging.

Second stage

The Peacekeeper goes into stage two when when it reachs 16,000 Hp. Its stats also change to 53 melee damage, 78 ranged damage, and 17 defense. In this stage the Peacekeeper will barrage the player with a few volleys of missiles; these missiles will home on the player and cannot be blocked with a weapon. When they hit the player or fly for 10 seconds they will explode in a radius slightly higher than a bombs. No Drones will spawn during this phase but the Peacekeeper will still use her charge attack.

Drop descriptions, items, and monsters

Drones spawn in droves when the Peacekeeper uses her summoning attack. They shoot lasers and otherwise have an AI similiar to Hornets. Each Drone has 175 Hp, inflicts 25 melee damage or 20 ranged damage, and has 20 defense.


  • When the Peacekeeper charges they all aggro and fly at the player.


  • Heart (100%)

Mechanical Bee
The Mechanical Bee is used to summon the The Peacekeeper boss. It is is crafted with 3 Crispy Honey Blocks, 3 Honey Blocks, 5 Iron/Lead Bars, 1 Soul of Light, 1 Soul of Night, and 4 Souls of Flight at a Mythril Anvil. It can also be found rarely in locked Dungeon Chests. The boss can only be successfully summoned at night while in a Hive Biome; if the bee is used during the day nothing will happen and it will not be consumed.

Double Gunner 2
The Double Up Gunner is a duel wielded weapon that is capable of firing two shots in quick succession.


  • 27 ranged damage
  • Very Fast speed
  • No knockback
  • Tooltip: 'A gun that you can fire two at once!'

Cluster Bomb
Cluster Mini
The Cluster Bomb spawns multiple minibombs on detonation which fly like the shrapnel of the Stynger Bolts and explode in a small radius. It is dropped by the Peacekeeper.


  • 36 ranged damage
  • 25 Minibomb damage
  • Very Fast speed
  • No Knockback

Peacekeeper Trophy
The Peacekeeper Trophy is a trophy dropped by the Peacekeeper. It appears to be the boss's rocket launcher, mounted on a wooden plaque. It can be placed on a wall similar to a painting.

Mecha Wings
The Mecha Wings allow the player to fly differently. The player can move in whatever direction they press and instead of normal slow fall, they will also have very reduced slow-fall thus making it much more controlled. They fly about as high as Spooky Wings. Mecha Wings are dropped by The Peacekeeper.
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Announcements and Shoutouts


I would like to announce the sixth battle of Super Smash Terraria! You can find it and participate here: I would like to announce the eleventh battle of Super Smash Terraria! You can find it and participate here: The twelfth Poll for the next Super Smash Terraria is now open. You can find that here:


I'd like to give another shoutout to SilverHexxitFights' and I’s Terraria Fan Ideas Wiki, I am now a B-crat there and I will be consistently editing there. You are invited to come and share your ideas/things that could improve Terraria. You can check that out here: I would also like to give a shoutout to and SilverHexxitFights' Terraria stories, you can check those out here:

And another shoutout to this Series that I really liked:


Hey guys, I hope you enjoyed the seventh issue of The Terrarian Bugle. Remember, if you have any ideas whatsoever just let me know at my talkpage and I’ll see if I can add it in. If you want your picture in next week's Creation/Pixel art section just hit me up at my talkpage or talk to me in the Live chat.

All credit for the sprites and a basic set up of the idea goes to zoomo. Thanks for reading guys and let me know what you think in the comments below.

Have a nice weekend and I'll see you next week. :D