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  • Terrarianoverlord=me

    Okay this is an ideal way to fight the destroyer all you need is your weapon of choice and you need apropret armor (see my fellow wiki editors pages for more) and a nimbus rod or crimson rod or any magic item that lets down a deathly rain and an optional arena here's the vid I found

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  • Terrarianoverlord=me

    This is a quick way to get a sword with better  stats the Excalibur mainly damage if you get a cutlass witch you get by defeating the pirate invasion (a army similar to the goblin invastion that attacks shortly after hard mode) wene you get said cutlass get it reforged to "godly" the reason I don't say legendary is it does not affect damage witch is the point

    because depending on your armour and equipment it can have up to 70 damage per hit and also if you hold R1\RB/rightclick or whatever you continuously swing like a pick axe or axe does so this is an easy way to get a sword that does more damage this page is not meant to afend anyone,or to prove some 1 wrong.

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