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  • ThatNoodleTho

    What would you add?

    October 9, 2015 by ThatNoodleTho

    If you could add something (like a biome or event or boss or somethin'), what would you add? I would add a Corrupt Jungle cause I'm absolutely tired of losing my jungle to Corruption and losing all the mud blocks and mahogany wood and moon glow and stuff, y'know?

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  • ThatNoodleTho

    I am working on something that probably a lot of Terrarians would like. Considering not many people will see this, not many people will see what I'm working on. I'm working on finding or creating an explanation for everything in Terraria. I'm not gonna just sit here and wonder how everything in Terraria came to be, I'm going to make a Lore! Do note, though, that this is not Canon. No, it's not a camera brand. Anyway, it's obviously not going to be Canon (unless Red sees it and makes it canon....) because I made it. It's just for answers anyway like how the Lihzahrd people came to be and ended up buried in the jungle and how the curruption was created... stuff like that.

    P.S: There will be an alternate lore that has crimson.

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