• TheCreepySpider

    Lunar Boss Idea

    September 6, 2014 by TheCreepySpider

    So I was thinking about the lunar boss and I thought "hey if you are fighting the moon you stand no chance alone" so I thought about the boss summoning and I thought it would be cool if you summoned a boss (only one during the whole fight) it would help you fight in different way like

    king slime: (if the moon is falling) bounces it back a bit to increase time for the boss to be defeated

    eye of cthulhu:summons 20 servents to help you (they may not do much damage but they would make great distraction

    eater of worlds:burrows into the moon dealing 5500 damage after a while and then flees

    queen bee:gives you the honey buff for 3 minutes

    cthulhu's brain:The same as eye of cthulhu only with creepers

    skeletron:bashes into the moon at full speed to knockā€¦

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