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  • TheFireDragoon

    So thsi afternoon I introduced a friend to Terraria and was telling him about that new information on the Terraria twitter. What I found out is about 1.3.4 and the new update that's 1.3.4. It'll be a crossover between Dungeon Defenders 2 & Terraria with eachof them getting new weapons from the others. Terraria will get tower defense elements, new monsters, and more!

    Honestly, i'm really excited since it's basically a miniature Terraria Otherworld, just branded as Terraria X Dungeon Defenders 2. (In one image, you also see some of the Dungeon Defenders 2 characters in the Terraria world. Also Dryad comes to Dungeon Defenders 2.)

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  • TheFireDragoon

    Five years ago, the best game ever called Terraria was released. Probably near the time that Terraria released this wikia was eventually made.

    So yeah, Terraria's 5th anniversary is today! What are you guys gonna do to celebrate?

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  • TheFireDragoon

    In exactly 13 days, it'll be May 16th, 2016. Five years ago on that day, Terraria had it's offical release.

    so, since there's 13 more days until the 5th anniversary, are you guys gonna do anything special? I'm just gonna waste atleast ten hours of my life playing terraria just on that day

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  • TheFireDragoon

    War, War never changes. 

    (Warning: Blood)

    The 5 terrarians charged at eachother, each with their swords held high. One by one they got killed, blood spraying everywhere. 

    War, War never changes.

    The only winner had bloodstained armor. Who was this man? Was he insane?

    All we know is:

    War, War never changes

    (Stories over, so this is some news stuff)

    A Terrarian Tale will be continuing sometime this year!

    Gonna write some more stories,

    So yea, a new story thats extremely short. 

    Anyways, when Terraria comes out for mac. Im gonna get it :D 

    Why are you still reading this

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  • TheFireDragoon

    Hello Terrarians! As you know i have made quite a few ideas, *See my first 3 blog posts* And i am here to say i am now making ideas at the Terraria Fan Ideas Wiki! I hope some of you come and check it out! Note; I am i not trying to remove viewers from this wiki

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