"Insanity..... Insanity...... MUST KILL ALLLLLL!!!!" Screamed redigit in laughter. As his blade sliced through many local towns until it was Covered with blood. "HES INSANE!" people screamed before the sword went in their heart or brain. Cows Pigs Squirrels Harpies Zombies People EVERYONE faced his blade. And lets not forgot he killed his own assistaint last part. "Redigit the heros the prophecy states are in the cave. Youu must kill them!" Cthulu said to him eating his assistaints corpse. "Oh i already have that done." he said Smirking.

(Mini Terrarian Tales will just be mini versions of A Terrarian Tale and they will ussualy show a mini plot thing. it will also sometimes talk about a few new characters)