"UGGGH" moaned Redigit thinking of a update. "Perhaps we add the lunar boss?" Suggested his assistaint. "No. Were saving that! We could add giant mechs. Killer Robots. But those are taken by starbound." Moaned redigit again. "Well we could add..." His assistaint was talking then.... "YES! they have suggested it for years. We will add. The final thing.... Cthulu!" Redigit yelled in victory.

  • 10 days later*

"RUN! TAKE SHELTER! CTHULU IS ATTACKING!" Yelled the city mayor as cthulu grabbed the buildings and ate them whole. Only a few survivors made it out: PurpleRodri. Venturiantale. Sullypwns and the final one is... Batclone. They were called "The Great Adventurers" but they had never been outside. For all their life they had to do chores. 2 had to farm with jungle and corruption seeds. 1 had to mine with a wood pickaxe. And the last one had to pull weeds with his broadsword. A wooden broadsword. Now they had to experience. The mysterys of The world.

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