"Redigit we have a problem! Cthulu destroyed a local village!" his assistaint said in a stern voice. "CTHULU BURN THEM!!! BUUUURRRRN THEEEEEEMMM!" Yelled redigit. A black vortex was surronding him. "Sir you appear to be poss-" The assistaint got slapped out the window and was eaten by cthulu. "NOW LETS SEE HOW THOSE FOOLS SURRRRVIIIIVE!" yelled possessed redigit.

  • Current Day*

"Uggghh how long are we gonna walk!" Complained venturiantale as they walked for miles. "Dont worry were nearly there!" yelled sullypwns in his cheery voice. Suddenly the ground caved in and they fell down in a cave. "THis is just a-CAVE-ing" Joked purplerodri making all of them look at him with a glare. Suddenly they heard the ceiling caving in. "RUN!" They said. Suddenly batclone tripped on pinky. Fell right onto purplerodri. Who then toppled into water. The jellyfish hopped out and shocked sullypwns. Who then pushed batclone. And they all tripped into water. "Umm the ceiling is caving in guys" batclone reminded them. Suddenly he looked up- 

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