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A Terrarian Tale. Part 3 special!: THE PROPHECY!

"When the day of the possession of redigit comes. Cthulu shall be made. Heros will rise. Many will die. One however has a power greater then the rest. He thinks he has none but he is the key of freeing redigit and saving the terraria world. But he will also need help of 3 other heros. 1 who has appeared out of nowhere, 1 who is not very patient and the last one Who is on a journey to find out her name. Together they will form the bane of evil and defeat cthulu. But the prophecy states Many other allies they will meet will die. So far These are the DEATHS: Batclone, Purplerodri, Sullypwns, Tons of villagers, THIS IS THE PROPHECY!

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