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A Terrarian Tale: Part 4, Attack of Cthulu

"GET THE HECK AWAY FROM ME!" Venturiantale shouted sprinting away from a giant monster with fangs. He ran for his life, Roped up some walls, And ducked under a mimic. He got up to the surface, But something was wrong: It was all gray outside, Everyone out there was a statue, Venturiantale summoned his pet bunny: Bunnykins. "What the heck happened out here" Suddenly he heard a giant roar: And that was the last thing he saw.

"Dude its T E R R A R I A!" Hero told inthelittlewood for the 5400000th Time. "Terraria?" "YES TERRARIA!" suddenly they heard a roar. "Not this again.." Hero said pulling out 2 swords, "TAKE THIS!" He said as he slashed at the eye of cthulu, Suddenly he found a sack in his pocket which can collect 12 souls of light. Hero kept stabbing the eye of cthulu until he revealed his true form: The demon: Kariok the 50000000000th. "YOU DISTURB ME PUNY HUMAN. NOW YOU FACE KARIOK!" He roared charging for Hero. "Not today" Hero said grabbing a minihark and shooting him. The bullets came back and hit Heros heart. "Inthelittlewood... Avenge me" Hero said turning invisible and running to his computer to play Amnesia: The dark decent.

Inthelittlewood found a wood sword and stabbed the demon causing "Green Blood" To splatter everywhere. Then a cupcake hit him. Shined, And turned into... Some guys ghost or something.

(Sorry for not having this up for...Ever, But i have been extremely busy. I got the statue idea from okami.)

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