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New Boss Suggestions? 3: Items,


This was posted by TerrariaBoss. Hope you enjoyed!

The final part of New Boss Suggestions? Until i think of another. As always these are my own ideas and you can post yours in the comments.

1. Rod Of Skulls. A rod that Shoots out skulls *Like book of skulls* That do 130 damage. Slow speed. And Has a 3% Chance of doing 150 damage. Uses 30 mana. Is  sold by the Lost Follower and is dropped by Lost Skull.

2. Skull Banner. A banner with a giant skull on it. Dropped by Lost skull and sold by the Lost Follower.

3. Broken Skull, Summons Tiny Skull. A Battlepet who will attack every enemy for 50-100 Damage. 

4.Harpy bow, Shoots out Mini-Harpys at your opponet. Dropped by King Wyvern and sold by Winged Angel. Is Extremely fast, Bounces Around. But it only does... 100 damage.

5. Harpy Staff, Shoots out a giant harpy. Slow, Bounces Around. Does 200 Damage. Dropped by King Wyvern and sold by Winged Angel. Uses 50 Mana.

6. Wyvern Crown, Summons the Wyvern King. Dropped by King Wyvern and Winged Angel.

7. Wyvern Armor, Has 11 Defense, Set Bonus: Spells take less mana. Sold by Winged Angel

8. Skeleton Ring, Turns you into a skeleton with a weak Debuff but a regenerating Buff. Your only attack will be a sword Which does 40 damage. Dropped by the Floating Guard.

9. Slime Ring, Turns you into a slime with a regeneration Debuff for the first 10 seconds of it. Your only weapon will be to bounce on foes Which does 60 damage. Dropped by the Floating Guard.

10. Soul Ring, Turns you into a lost soul. Lets you fly and lets you shoot out flames with a mediumish Radius Doing 80 Damage. Dropped by the Floating Guard.

These are all my ideas. Hope you enjoyed :)

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