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Terraria has epic bosses. But we may need more...


This boss spawns after you kill exactly 50 lost souls? *Correct me if i put the wrong name* In the Hardmode Dungeon. Its a giant skull with 3 main attacks. 

1, Laser Eyes. Lasers are shot from his eyes. Does 120 Damage. Mediumish speed.

2, Fire Spell. He Shoots out red lasers that can light you or any enemy on fire. Does 40 Damage and is Fast.

3, Skull Bash. He rams his head into you. Does 90 Damage. Incredibly fast.

He has  25000 Health.

Drops: 10 gold, 20 silver, 30 copper, Skull Banner 40%. Book Of Skulls 99%. Demon Wings 0.01%. Rod Of Skulls 50%.

He Has his own custom NPC.Lost Follower. And He also has custom drops too.



This boss spawns after you kill 20 Wyverns. Hes a giant wyvern with a tiny crown on his head. Has 3 segments and 2 phases.

PHASE 1: He flys around normally Occasionly Summoning A Harpy. Has as much health as skeletron prime. *Only his head, Tail, And Middle can be hurt*

PHASE 2: The body dissapears but the crown is left Shooting laser beams at you. Each laser beam does 200 damage.  They are Incredibly fast. And can kill you instantly if your not careful, Every 5-10 laser beams the crown will  revive the body with only half as much health as before. The crown has 50000 Health.

Drops: 35 Gold. Harpy Bow 50%. Harpy Staff 30%. Wyvern Crown 20%.

He has his own custom NPC. Winged Angel. And Custom Drops. 


This miniboss spawns Everytime you find a floating island. For new players hes kind of a challenge. But once you become better at the game. Hes simple. has 3 phases. 

PHASE 1: In this phase he looks like a skeleton. He has 2000 Health in this phase with 2 attacks.

ATTACK 1: Spell Shoot, He shoots a spell at you. Does 10 damage.

ATTACK 2: Sword Slash, He slashes at you with a sword. Does 20 damage.

PHASE 2: In this phase he looks like a big slime. He has 1000 Health in this phase with 3 attacks.

ATTACK 1: Bounce, Basic slime attack. Does the normal damage.

ATTACK 2: Big Bounce, Bounces higher then usual doing 30 damage.

ATTACK 3: ENORMOUS BOUNCE, Bounces way higher then usual doing 50 damage.

PHASE 3: In this phase he looks like a Lost Soul which is a hardmode enemy. He has 500 Health in this phase with 1 attack.

ATTACK 1: Laser Shot, He shoots a laser at you that does 70 damage! And its also fast.

DROPS: 1 gold. 1 Golden Key 1%. 1 Skeleton ring 40%. 1 Slime Ring 70%. 1 Soul Ring 10%.

Those are all my ideas. Part 2 and 3: title=New%20Boss%20Suggestions%3F%202%3A%20Npcs.&action=edit

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