IM gonna talk about my idea for the lunar boss!

What it looks like:

A robot with different looks each phase.

How to summon him: After you get every single NPC in the game.a  message like this should pop up "Benny the astronaut has arrived!" Make sure you have a open house when this occours. Since then once he arrives. He sells 5 spaceship things:

Spaceship engines. *Buy 2 for a total of 3 gold*

Spaceship Windows *Buy 1 for a total of 10 gold*

Spaceship wings *Buy 4 for a total of 20 gold*

Spaceship  *Buy 1 for a total of 30 gold and buy it last too*

Spaceship wheels *Buy 2 for a total of 40 gold*

Now after you buy those. It goes liek this:

Place down the spaceship in a good open place.

Then use the 2 wheels you bought and it will grow wheels.

Then put down the wings. 

Next engines. 

And it ends with windows.

After that you have to destroy it with a few hits from your sword.  And it will become a new item "Bennys Spaceship"

Talk to benny with it and he will say " Hey you fixed my spaceship! wanna ride to the moon in it?" And a yes/no option will appear. Choose no if you do not want to fight him yes.


Bring: Your best armor. Your best weapons. YOur best trinkets. TOns of mana and health potions. 


If you click yes a little scene will appear of the spaceship going up and landing in the moon.

You will have a air meter if you dont wear a empty goldfish bowl. After you walk for a bit you will see a wall. SO walk back to the spaceship. Where a giant robot is breaking the spaceship! 

  • PHASE 1*

in this phase theres a timer. He has 3000 health. YOu have to kill him quickly or else he will destroy the spaceship and you instantly die.

  • PHASE 2*

In this phase he looks slightly smaller and hes equipped with a flamethrower trying to BURN YOU ALIVE! You have to attack his head which has 3000 hp. Seems easy. After you destroy it. It will break off from the head and phase 3 starts.

  • PHASE 3* 

In this phase you have to shoot the head back at the body to make the body hittable. While this is happening. Random bosses will spawn. Or wyverns spawn. Ignore those and keep hitting the robot till his chest bursts.

  • PHASE 4*

In this phase you have to run since his body parts are flying at you. If you get hit you take a whopping 200 damage. 

  • PHASE 5* in this phase. ITS A FULL ON BATTLE!

Shoot. Hit. And burn him alive until he finnaly explodes.


Spaceship *If you want to re-fight him*


Wait it turns out hes alive!

  • PHASE 6* 

Now this my friends. IS WHERE IM OUT OF IDEAS!