Many people want to know what the best version of terraria is. So im rating them on these: Controls. Enemies. Content. Bosses/Minibosses and items.

Console Versions: *PS3* Controls: 5/10 Bosses: 9/10 Enemys: 5/10 Content: not that much. Minibosses and items: Good minibosses, Not-That-Good items. All-Together: Not that good...

  • Havent played x-box*

Ios Versions: Controls: 10/10 Bosses: 5/10 Enemys: 9/10 Content: It goes up to WOF then it stops.

Minibosses and items: Good minibosses, Not that bad or good items. All-Together:Kinda Good....

PC: Controls 10/10 Bosses 10/10 Enemys 10/10 Content: OMG SO MUCH! Minibosses and items: AMAZING! All-Together: I LUV IT BUY MEH IT NAO!