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  • TheFragileLands

    Dragons in the sand... Sand Dragon?

    Description: Like a Wyvern, except about half its size.


    • Spawns sleeping/unmoving, similar to a vulture. When approached from a distance, about 32 feet, it 'awakes' retreats for a momnet, and begins to attack after a short delay.
    • Common in the desert.
    • Rare outside desert biomes.
    • More likely to spawn outside desert biomes during a Blood Moon.


    • Acts like a worm, except can only attack when it's in open space. Unlike a worm where it has to dig up at you to attack, assuming you were above ground, the Sand Dragon swings down at you, and "digs" its way back to the surface to strike again.
    • It "digs" away from the player(s) and climbs to the surface from within a safe distance. This (should) prevent the m…
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