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  • TheMeep

    (This requires at least 2 players for it to work efficiently)

    • Step 1- To start out you need to flatten out a 100-150 block wide area. After you do this you need to make sure that any area, at least 75 blocks below the flattened area, is completely filled in with any type of block. If this step is missed, then the whole spawn system will be messed up.
    • Step 2- Place any type of block, preferably a brick or something for style, along the whole flattened area.
    • Step 3- On one edge of the flat area place blocks up to about 30-45 blocks, and on the other side, go up at least 1 block.
    • Step 4- Estimate the middle of the flat area and place a block there. After that, put a block 2 blocks away on each side of the middle block. Now fill in that area betwe…
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  • TheMeep

    Terraria's Maximums

    October 10, 2014 by TheMeep

    Okay, so I have gathered information from this wiki and from in game and have come up with a maximum for defense and mana. I am currently working on getting more max's, ex: mining speed. Here is what I have so far...

    • Max Defense- as of v1.2.3, the max defense possible can be obtained by the following prefixes, buffs, accessories and armor: Chlorophyte Mask (25) + Beetle Shell (32) + Beetle Leggings (18) + (Warding)Paladin's Shield (10) + (Warding)Ankh Shield (8) + (Warding)Celestial Stone (8) + (Warding)Sun Stone/Moon Stone (8) + (Warding)Frozen Turtle Shell (34 at
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