(This requires at least 2 players for it to work efficiently)

  • Step 1- To start out you need to flatten out a 100-150 block wide area. After you do this you need to make sure that any area, at least 75 blocks below the flattened area, is completely filled in with any type of block. If this step is missed, then the whole spawn system will be messed up.
  • Step 2- Place any type of block, preferably a brick or something for style, along the whole flattened area.
  • Step 3- On one edge of the flat area place blocks up to about 30-45 blocks, and on the other side, go up at least 1 block.
  • Step 4- Estimate the middle of the flat area and place a block there. After that, put a block 2 blocks away on each side of the middle block. Now fill in that area between the blocks.
  • Step 5- Now you need to fill the side, with at least 1 block on the edge, with lava. The amount of lava is your choice, it just needs to negate enemy spawn.
  • Step 6- Fill the opposite side 1 block high with water or honey. My choice would be water because it slows enemies and it doesn't slow you down too much as well.
  • Step 7- (Optional) Dig down into the ground below the center area and make a house. This is just in case you die. (You shouldn't with my plan).

(Note: you can make a roof over the whole thing if you want, but it has to have lava covering the top so enemies won't spawn on it).

  • Step 8- about 12 blocks from the center towards the water/honey side, go up about 7-8 blocks and build a 5 block wide platform.
  • Step 9- Make the Tank's set-up and the Fast Melee set-up to make the farm run smoothly.

~Tank Set-up~

-Armor: Turtle Helmet, Turtle Scale Mail, Turtle Leggings

-Accessories: (Warding)Celestial Stone, (Warding)Ankh Shield, (Warding)Master Ninja Gear, (Warding)Star Veil, (Warding)Frozen Turtle Shell

-Weapon to spam, only at the beginning: (Godly)Scourge of the Corruptor

-Weapon to spam: (Godly)Vampire Knives

~Fast Melee Set-up~

-Armor: Dragon Mask, Dragon Armor, Dragon Greaves

-Accessories: (Violent)Feral Claws, (Violent)Power Glove, (Violent)Mechanical Glove, (Violent)Fire Gauntlet, (Violent)Celestial Stone

-Weapon to spam, only at the beginning: (Godly)Scourge of the Corruptor

-Weapon to spam: (Legendary)The Horseman's Blade

  • Step 10- Have the tank of the two people get on to the platform, and have the other guy with the speedy Melee stand under the platform's edge that is closest to the center.
  • Step 11- Both players use Battle Potion's and a Flask of Ichor. Start the pumpkin moon and watch the first 4 waves come and go really fast.

You can have more than two people, they just have to also use the battle potions and be inside the farm area.

Another Optional step I forgot to add was- Put Water Candle's around the whole area.

Another Optional step- On each side of the farm, place a 20 block wide and 60 block tall wall. The purpose behind this is so enemies won't spawn on the outside of the farm whilst moving about inside of the farm. This is actually kind of a need if you want to move all the way to each edge of the farm.