• TheMrConnection

    Hi guys, I'm MrConnection and I want to talk about corruption...

    Event : " A Really dark night "

    Would be just like goblin army but in corruption and can only spawns if you uses Emblem of dark:

    10 corruption paste, 40 souls of night and 20 demonite bars

    1 Miniboss : Ancient corruption hero

    Would be a wraith with the ancient shadow armor, would have 750 hp and shoots Eater of souls at you

    45 Eater of Heads

    They are little parasites ( smaller than a block) and have 1 hp and do 20 dmg... They are incredible slow and annoying

    60 Corruption Archers 'n' Teleport

    Preety strong enemies when shoots a 55 dmg arrow and teleport.. have 135 hp

    60 Shadow Palladiums

    They have a INSANE defense and they use spears to hurt you... they have only 125 hp



    45 …

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