Hello there all. It's been a little while since I last updated my blog; so please do bear with me.


My activity lately (and in the near-distant past) has been atrocious. I was originally a daily editor who improved any article I came across that needed any editing. I've been slacking in that aspect, as well as most other areas, such as where an admin/b-crat would be expected to manage (or pay attention to, at least). I've also been lacking in chat presence, IRC presence, responses to talk-page messages (especially when I've only recently made this template. I will be aiming to change this in the coming days and weeks. I am also working towards a usable template that can interchange between PC/Console/Android/iOS, all while staying on the same page. (Thinking of a tab option near the top of either the page or infobox.)

My activity

Lately, I've had several IRL problems to deal with, including a form of neurological problem that causes my hands to shake in a manner similar to Parkinson's Disease — in other words, constant shaking hands and elsewhere in the body. As I come to terms with this problem, I've been slacking in my duties; for this I will apologize. I normally do not allow IRL problems or distractions to take my attention from my position as an editor and a bureaucrat here, and so I'll say; I'll be working harder towards the requests I've taken on for the wiki's development and for furthering the knowledge we all seek to give. Oscuritaforze has been much more present than myself recently, and for that I'd like to give a strong, heartfelt applause; even if it's just for managing tasks that couldn't be done without an admin or admin's approval, without needing them to change anything.

Needed template changes

So for a long time, I've been meaning to update our Version History templates. The versions we're going off of are very outdated. All three need rewriting (especially this one) for better compatibility, more accurate linking, and just general aesthetics. I've tried a few different solutions for this, and yet I've not come to a certain decision. That can wait for later though.

Regarding TerrariamcSwaggins's promotion to admin

I'll try and keep this brief, as I only have a couple of things to say that I've not included on the nominations page.

  • Every time I've looked at the wiki activity (with about a 1% different — 99% being inclusive here), I've seen the green name pop up. The fact that he has over 6,000 edits is a testament to itself, as I know that he regularly evaluates a whole page before submitting the final changes (exactly what I do).
  • Only on rare occasions have I seen complaints regarding his behavior; these all seem to be biased and based off-wiki (though I'll leave my comment on that matter at this point.).
  • I've yet to see an unhelpful, non-good-faith edit, at all.

(I'll leave my comments at that for the time being. If you do wish to comment, speak, note or otherwise mention something regarding TerrariamcSwaggins, please either comment or place your statement here.

The coming PC 1.3 update

I've been hyped for this for quite a while. However... Dealing with all of the new items, mechanics and such will be a workload for all. If someone tags an article as spam, vandalism or otherwise untrue, please do check a few sources before reporting it (using {{delete}} or {{speedydelete}}). If you're ever unsure regarding things like that, a few good people to ask would be myself, Oscuritaforze, or any of the rollback or chat moderators.

To wrap up

If you have any questions, requests and such, please don't hesitate to leave a message (remember to sign with ~~~~ at the end of your message) and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you all, and happy adventuring to you all. :)