Hi there Wikisurfers, I'd just like to communicate a small problem to you.

There have been a lot of vandalous edits lately, and some that weren't malicious, but weren't helping either. Here is an example of non-malicious editing. Though Mr. Vladvid decided to go a bit further, and posted on my talk page; "stop writing to me, you give my computer virus -Vladragon 13:01, December 20, 2011 (UTC)" This is an outright lie. I give nobody viruses, I have a very good antivirus for that reason. The fact that he's in Russia just shows that he's saying it to be annoying. But, moving on.

There is also the case of people who go through entire pages and make bold every instance of the subject matter. Such as going onto the Guide page and making every word "Guide" bold. This does not make anything good or better, in fact, it's just annoying. Just more work for the editors to do.

This is all I will say for now. For all those that are still editing well and without malice, thank you. Peace out. 13:27, December 20, 2011 (UTC)