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Item Value in Infoboxes

Hi there everyone.

This is both in celebration of the achievement I'm about to entail, and of my four-thousandth edit here on the Terraria Wiki.

Recently we came across the solution to the "templates within templates" issue, also known as "permanent source mode". However, I've come across a further solution, and proper scaling method to the Coin numbers. As a trial, I've subsituted the normal {{pc}}, {{gc}}, {{sc}} and {{cc}} templates in the |Sell, |sell and |Sells For parameters, for a raw value modifier in the |Value parameter which utilizes the {{CoinCalc}} template. In addition, a similar parameter was added to the Infobox-Monster template: |CoinsDropped. Exactly the same function as the |Value parameter, just for outputting the coins dropped by a monster. When using either of these, please only enter the base item value (Such as 10000 for 1 GoldCoin Small), nothing else.


I found a possible solution to the problems relating to the usage of the {{pc}}, {{gc}}, {{sc}} and {{cc}} inside templates. Instead of using the |Sell, |sell and |Purchase For parameters, you'd be using the |Value and |BuyValue parameters, with the syntax as follows.


The new parameters are used just like the normal ones, but they only encompass the raw value of an item, and only a numerical value at that. For example: If a statue is worth 60 CopperCoin Small, the base value is 60. If an Accessory is worth 2 GoldCoin Small, the base value is 20000. Example below:

|Image = [[File:item_16.png]]
|Material In = [[3 Second Timer]]
|Crafted With = *10 [[Silver Bar]]
*1 [[Iron Chain]]
|Crafting Station = [[Wooden Table]] + [[Wooden Chair]]
|Rarity = t0
|Tooltip = Tells the time
|Value = 1000}}

Pay close attention to the |Value parameter. That calculates the value to 10 SilverCoin Small.


I think the easiest way to display this info in it's simplest form, is with a table, as will be used below.

Value Range (10^x) Value Range (Raw) Output
1.0*10^6 1000000 1 PlatinumCoin Small
1.0*10^4 10000 1 GoldCoin Small
1.0*10^2 100 1 SilverCoin Small
1.0*10^0 1 1 CopperCoin Small
1.0*10^2 24528748 24 PlatinumCoin Small 52 GoldCoin Small 87 SilverCoin Small 48 CopperCoin Small
7.51859*10^5 751859 75 GoldCoin Small 18 SilverCoin Small 59 CopperCoin Small
6.7594*10^4 67594 6 GoldCoin Small 75 SilverCoin Small 94 CopperCoin Small

To simply state the purpose of this post, I've put together some new coding in the Infobox-Items, Infobox-Accessory, Infobox-Tool, Infobox-Potions, Infobox-Vanity Items and Infobox-Weapons so that you can express an items' selling or buying value in both an aesthetically pleasing and functional way. I do hope that this post has been of use to those who've read it. If a more comprehensive guide on other templates or functions of the wiki is required, please don't hesitate to leave me a message, or comment here! ^ᴗ^

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