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Reflecting on Losing a Character

First off, this post will not add anything to a discussion about Terraria at large. That much is for sure. I just wanted to take a moment to vent / mourn my lost character; and fellow Terrarians may understand it best.

Today, I started playing 1.2 with a sole character I had been soloing with hard for about a month now. I trounced all the content up until 1.2. Had boss Hallowed gear, got some great drops from Mimics, Angel Wings and more. Earned my Excalibur, Hamdrax, five Light Discs. I amassed a decent amount of cash before the update. And, most importantly, this character and our adventure together was epic.

Later on in the day, I experienced a crash while Terraria was on in the background. I rebooted. I started Terraria to find my character was nowhere to be found. I did some digging and some research. My character was in my Players folder, but I noticed the .bak was gone, and the character had been renamed to player1.plr. Restarted Terraria. Still no character. Started a new character, and my worlds are still there, thankfully. But no matter what I've tried, I cannot recover my beefstick of a character.

Regret sets in. Another Terrarian reminds me that I should always have a backup character / world. I wonder if I had waited it out, my compy would have started cooperating again. 

So, I think today -- even though it is on the release date of 1.2, best update ever -- I will be saying farewell to Terraria for a while. After all of the work I put into a single character, I really don't feel like starting from square one. I'm sure I will be back, as Terraria is a truly magnificent game, and I really enjoy it. But for now, I think it's time to say 'until next time'. 

If you made it this far, I hope you never have this experience, and have the foresight to make backup. Thanks for reading.

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