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  • Therealmisterderp What am I doing wrong? I put spooky wood paneling EVERYWHERE, put a table, chair, light sources, and everything else needed to make a house, but the game does not see it as a house, but instead an invalid housing object. The "bleep" is wrong with this game?

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  • Therealmisterderp

    Accessory slots

    October 9, 2013 by Therealmisterderp

    Does anyone else feel like they need one more accessory slot? Because one slot would change EVERYTHING for my ranged/summon build...Well, mainly because I have a pygmy bracelet, the Ankh shield, and three flying things, including the balloon bundle, the jetpack, and the lightning boots

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  • Therealmisterderp

    Magnet Sphere

    October 2, 2013 by Therealmisterderp

    So, I'm grinding skeleton's heads together in the dungeon, when suddenly, I find this magic weapon called "Magnet Sphere". From the name , I had no idea what it would do, so I tested it out on a paladin. It wrecked all the enemies around the Paladin.

    I was amazed, and I thought "Who needs a shotgun or Megashark when ya got this?"

    So now I'm on the hunt to reforge it to Mythical. Which is probably gonna cost me ten billion platinum coins..

    Oh, and I solo'd Skeletron Prime with it. It's amazing.

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  • Therealmisterderp

    One, how do you find crimson? Do you keep creating worlds until one has it?

    Two, how are you supposed to solo a hardmode boss, now that they can randomly spawn in the night?

    Three, is the actual Cthulhu in the game, or is it just more body parts?

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  • Therealmisterderp

    Still not dead

    January 3, 2013 by Therealmisterderp

    New ideas coming..soon, maybe

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